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27/03/2020 Day 4 of Lockdown

Yesterday evening at 8.00pm, the Nation came out onto their doorsteps, balconies, into their gardens and hung out their windows, to collectively clap for all our Carers. It was amazing to be part of something so historic, demonstrating the population’s appreciation for those on the frontline. It looks like it might become a weekly thing – we’ll be there … so incredibly grateful.

Steve was up early to run 6 miles this morning before too many walkers set out on the local paths. I took to YouTube for an hour of low impact cardio with ‘Team Body Project’ – the instructor is particularly easy on the eye … plus it’s a great workout!

Then the rest of the day whizzed by with some household chores, making the most of the great drying weather – washing everything – a bit of chill time reading in the garden, making phone calls and FaceTime calls to family plus embarking on one of those ‘to do list’ items that is always postponed – sorting through old photos. Will this ‘isolation’ see us reach the bottom of our lists – impossible!!!

Oh and I signed up as an NHS volunteer. Discovered that you can be a volunteer from the safety of your home – making phone calls to vulnerable people. My application is being processed – am awaiting instructions.

Today’s big news – both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock (the Health Secretary) have contracted the Covid-19 virus and will be going into self-isolation.

Our lovely friend, Tina McGreal, dropped us round some fresh vegetables and some bread – very kind, thanks Tina.

Friday night is Steak Night in the Rose household – but not tonight – pizza, salad and a bottle of red … what’s not to like. It’ll be beans on toast next Friday!

Poetry in motion

26/3/2020 Day 3 of Lockdown

Another incredibly sunny day – blue cloudless skies to lift the spirits. After breakfast we tackled some gardening chores. A big first for me today – I mowed some lawn. Embarrassed to admit that at 61 years of age it is the first time I have operated a lawnmower. I was, however, only allowed access to the hover mower and the strimmer. I was not allowed within an inch of Steve’s precious petrol mower with which he creates his beloved striped lawn.

This afternoon I immersed myself in some poetry writing – inspired by my Mother-in-Law, Sheila, who passed away in January. And inspiration too from this current situation we find ourselves in – feeling the need to express. This poem is based on thoughts of yesterday’s walk.

Social Distancing

A long winter has passed, Now March blue and warm, Lures us outdoors, For daily walks, fresh air, But, isolation?

It’s okay, We may, Boris did say ….

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

We need to exercise, For mental stability, for health, Avoid insanity, Feel the endorphins fly, Stretch our senses

Walk, cycle, run, There’s sun, It’s fun

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

Today the Roses rambled, Cross-country, down lanes, Once deserted, but now All out, maintaining distance, Six glorious sunny miles manouevered

Diverting, Pausing, turning, Avoiding

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

Spring sunshine, Nature so fresh, Daisies in abundance, unpicked, majestic in petal, Lambs new to life, Sun’s vitamins healing pale skin

Appreciate, Don’t hibernate, Just a virus to navigate

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

But then we are old, Limited equipment will keep the young alive, A fair decision, So the garden is now our gym, Sunshine, grass and space to stretch

And us, Together, Whatever the weather

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

As Covid-19 sweeps through, New words arise, Social distancing, Self-isolation, Our hearts weigh heavy in missing, Missing loved ones

No hugging, No kissing, No touching

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

All hail the internet, Keeping interaction alive, FaceTime, Skype, Virtual learning, And God Bless the keyworkers, We owe you

And so OBEY, Stay, Just stay

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

So Day 3 – gardening, reading and writing … and Steve made a delicious turkey pie – the first pie he has ever made.

A day of firsts. Stay positive 😊

Rambling – ‘social distancing’ style

25/03/2020 – day 2 of Lockdown

Like half the population I imagine, I’m not sleeping so well right now – too much running through the mind plus probably not being as active as usual. So enjoyed a ‘teenage-style’ lay in this morning!

Today’s top news: Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Coronavirus and Donald Trump predicts it will all be over by Easter (idiot)!

To shake us into reality we set off on a long countryside walk. The weather was amazing, clear blue skies, warm sunshine – yay, the shorts and T shirts came out. It feels so good to get that dose of vitamin D.

Once we had reached the fields it was much easier to ‘social distance’ – the odd groups we did spot, we were able to widen the circle to avoid them. However the bit getting to the fields from home (and back the other end) was a different story. There were so many people out exercising (which is good) and getting fresh air with their children and dogs – we’ve never seen the paths around Medbourne, including the playing fields, so busy.

So it became an exercise in itself, avoidance strategies. Always planning in the distance … diverting, turning around, pausing, teetering on the edge of ditches to maintain the required 2 metre distance. Don’t make eye contact, avoid conversation – the virus can spray, everything is too risky. It’s like we’re living completely opposite to our normal manner of life. Have we mistakenly been abandoned on a leper colony?

Luckily walking across the fields to Whaddon was a pure joy and we relished the freedom of being out and about, without risk. Even walking through the village was quiet.

Once we were back to the country lanes leading to West MK it got more heavily populated again. And, being at the age we are, we felt at risk.

And so, we have made the decision that after today’s fabulous 6 mile walk, we will stick to the safety of our garden for a while. Plenty of exercise to do at home. Steve will probably go out for some early morning runs – unfortunately ‘early’ is not my thing!

Finished the day off we some reading and snoozing in the garden, soaking up the sun. Made a lemon drizzle cake and a Cottage Pie for dinner.

Day 2 complete!!

Rambling on hold … as a global pandemic hits our precious world

March 2020

As Coronavirus (Covid-19) sweeps through the world, so naturally Steve and I have had to draw a halt to future plans for rambling, coastal walking or overseas adventures. Desperately hoping this will be temporary.

I thought I would use this wonderful platform to record a bit of history – as grim as this feels right now, keeping a journal of days of ‘social distancing.’

24/03/2020 – Day 1 of Lockdown

Yesterday evening at 8.30pm, Boris Johnson announced an official National Lockdown. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc on our shores and across the globe. There is little else up for discussion right now, despite everyone’s best efforts to keep each other laughing (virtually of course) and making use of free online activities – fitness workouts, learn a language, music lessons etc.

We fortunately snuck in some family time with Tom, Alice and Jess this weekend – Mother’s Day celebrations. And we partied like there’s no tomorrow, literally. Have felt unbelievably emotional saying goodbye to them all as they returned to their homes for isolation – already my heart is heavy, longing to hug them.

So lockdown – one daily walk, run or cycle (and only with people you live with), shopping trips limited to food and medicines only – apart from that we are confined to our house and garden, no visitors allowed. This will be a test for sure.

Today the Government has sent out an urgent appeal for 250,000 NHS volunteers. At the same time we are hearing that once this virus has reached its ugly climax, the over 60s will not be prioritised when it comes to saving lives. Quite rightly, the limited medical equipment will be used firstly to save young lives. And so it makes this chance to ‘make a difference’ such a tricky decision … I feel incredibly torn.

This first day of lockdown has seen the Rambling Roses running, walking, YouTube exercising, reading, catching up on TV, listening to music and blog writing. It’s now 6pm and the wine is being poured, dinner is cooking and all is well in our isolated household.

Good luck everybody … Stay Home and stay safe. ❤️