Rambling on hold … as a global pandemic hits our precious world

March 2020

As Coronavirus (Covid-19) sweeps through the world, so naturally Steve and I have had to draw a halt to future plans for rambling, coastal walking or overseas adventures. Desperately hoping this will be temporary.

I thought I would use this wonderful platform to record a bit of history – as grim as this feels right now, keeping a journal of days of ‘social distancing.’

24/03/2020 – Day 1 of Lockdown

Yesterday evening at 8.30pm, Boris Johnson announced an official National Lockdown. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc on our shores and across the globe. There is little else up for discussion right now, despite everyone’s best efforts to keep each other laughing (virtually of course) and making use of free online activities – fitness workouts, learn a language, music lessons etc.

We fortunately snuck in some family time with Tom, Alice and Jess this weekend – Mother’s Day celebrations. And we partied like there’s no tomorrow, literally. Have felt unbelievably emotional saying goodbye to them all as they returned to their homes for isolation – already my heart is heavy, longing to hug them.

So lockdown – one daily walk, run or cycle (and only with people you live with), shopping trips limited to food and medicines only – apart from that we are confined to our house and garden, no visitors allowed. This will be a test for sure.

Today the Government has sent out an urgent appeal for 250,000 NHS volunteers. At the same time we are hearing that once this virus has reached its ugly climax, the over 60s will not be prioritised when it comes to saving lives. Quite rightly, the limited medical equipment will be used firstly to save young lives. And so it makes this chance to ‘make a difference’ such a tricky decision … I feel incredibly torn.

This first day of lockdown has seen the Rambling Roses running, walking, YouTube exercising, reading, catching up on TV, listening to music and blog writing. It’s now 6pm and the wine is being poured, dinner is cooking and all is well in our isolated household.

Good luck everybody … Stay Home and stay safe. ❤️

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