Poetry in motion

26/3/2020 Day 3 of Lockdown

Another incredibly sunny day – blue cloudless skies to lift the spirits. After breakfast we tackled some gardening chores. A big first for me today – I mowed some lawn. Embarrassed to admit that at 61 years of age it is the first time I have operated a lawnmower. I was, however, only allowed access to the hover mower and the strimmer. I was not allowed within an inch of Steve’s precious petrol mower with which he creates his beloved striped lawn.

This afternoon I immersed myself in some poetry writing – inspired by my Mother-in-Law, Sheila, who passed away in January. And inspiration too from this current situation we find ourselves in – feeling the need to express. This poem is based on thoughts of yesterday’s walk.

Social Distancing

A long winter has passed, Now March blue and warm, Lures us outdoors, For daily walks, fresh air, But, isolation?

It’s okay, We may, Boris did say ….

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

We need to exercise, For mental stability, for health, Avoid insanity, Feel the endorphins fly, Stretch our senses

Walk, cycle, run, There’s sun, It’s fun

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

Today the Roses rambled, Cross-country, down lanes, Once deserted, but now All out, maintaining distance, Six glorious sunny miles manouevered

Diverting, Pausing, turning, Avoiding

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

Spring sunshine, Nature so fresh, Daisies in abundance, unpicked, majestic in petal, Lambs new to life, Sun’s vitamins healing pale skin

Appreciate, Don’t hibernate, Just a virus to navigate

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

But then we are old, Limited equipment will keep the young alive, A fair decision, So the garden is now our gym, Sunshine, grass and space to stretch

And us, Together, Whatever the weather

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

As Covid-19 sweeps through, New words arise, Social distancing, Self-isolation, Our hearts weigh heavy in missing, Missing loved ones

No hugging, No kissing, No touching

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

All hail the internet, Keeping interaction alive, FaceTime, Skype, Virtual learning, And God Bless the keyworkers, We owe you

And so OBEY, Stay, Just stay

Look up, Lockdown, Stay at home 😘

So Day 3 – gardening, reading and writing … and Steve made a delicious turkey pie – the first pie he has ever made.

A day of firsts. Stay positive 😊

2 thoughts on “Poetry in motion

  1. Mr Rose 🌹 made turkey 🦃 pie 🥧 wow you need this to continue a bit longer then Dee so you can continue writing ✍️ your poetry ❤️❤️


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