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27/03/2020 Day 4 of Lockdown

Yesterday evening at 8.00pm, the Nation came out onto their doorsteps, balconies, into their gardens and hung out their windows, to collectively clap for all our Carers. It was amazing to be part of something so historic, demonstrating the population’s appreciation for those on the frontline. It looks like it might become a weekly thing – we’ll be there … so incredibly grateful.

Steve was up early to run 6 miles this morning before too many walkers set out on the local paths. I took to YouTube for an hour of low impact cardio with ‘Team Body Project’ – the instructor is particularly easy on the eye … plus it’s a great workout!

Then the rest of the day whizzed by with some household chores, making the most of the great drying weather – washing everything – a bit of chill time reading in the garden, making phone calls and FaceTime calls to family plus embarking on one of those ‘to do list’ items that is always postponed – sorting through old photos. Will this ‘isolation’ see us reach the bottom of our lists – impossible!!!

Oh and I signed up as an NHS volunteer. Discovered that you can be a volunteer from the safety of your home – making phone calls to vulnerable people. My application is being processed – am awaiting instructions.

Today’s big news – both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock (the Health Secretary) have contracted the Covid-19 virus and will be going into self-isolation.

Our lovely friend, Tina McGreal, dropped us round some fresh vegetables and some bread – very kind, thanks Tina.

Friday night is Steak Night in the Rose household – but not tonight – pizza, salad and a bottle of red … what’s not to like. It’ll be beans on toast next Friday!

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