Rambling – ‘social distancing’ style

25/03/2020 – day 2 of Lockdown

Like half the population I imagine, I’m not sleeping so well right now – too much running through the mind plus probably not being as active as usual. So enjoyed a ‘teenage-style’ lay in this morning!

Today’s top news: Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Coronavirus and Donald Trump predicts it will all be over by Easter (idiot)!

To shake us into reality we set off on a long countryside walk. The weather was amazing, clear blue skies, warm sunshine – yay, the shorts and T shirts came out. It feels so good to get that dose of vitamin D.

Once we had reached the fields it was much easier to ‘social distance’ – the odd groups we did spot, we were able to widen the circle to avoid them. However the bit getting to the fields from home (and back the other end) was a different story. There were so many people out exercising (which is good) and getting fresh air with their children and dogs – we’ve never seen the paths around Medbourne, including the playing fields, so busy.

So it became an exercise in itself, avoidance strategies. Always planning in the distance … diverting, turning around, pausing, teetering on the edge of ditches to maintain the required 2 metre distance. Don’t make eye contact, avoid conversation – the virus can spray, everything is too risky. It’s like we’re living completely opposite to our normal manner of life. Have we mistakenly been abandoned on a leper colony?

Luckily walking across the fields to Whaddon was a pure joy and we relished the freedom of being out and about, without risk. Even walking through the village was quiet.

Once we were back to the country lanes leading to West MK it got more heavily populated again. And, being at the age we are, we felt at risk.

And so, we have made the decision that after today’s fabulous 6 mile walk, we will stick to the safety of our garden for a while. Plenty of exercise to do at home. Steve will probably go out for some early morning runs – unfortunately ‘early’ is not my thing!

Finished the day off we some reading and snoozing in the garden, soaking up the sun. Made a lemon drizzle cake and a Cottage Pie for dinner.

Day 2 complete!!

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