It’s a wrap … of the Northumberland coastal path

Monday 16th May 2022 – far too wet to walk – it was a lazy day!!

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Well, that was a lovely walk today. 10 and a half miles from Blyth to Tynemouth … and nothing particularly taxing about it – quite the pleasant stroll. That’s if you can keep up with Steve – he does like to set a fair pace and I do my very best to keep up with him! Started off along the interesting quay at Blyth, through Ridley Park and along our local beach (Blyth’s been our home this week). Very little incline and spectacular sea views from beginning to end. Easy terrain, even some promenade walking and strolling across the beaches at Whitley Bay and Tynemouth Longsands.

Another day … another beach!!
Blyth quay
Ridley Park

Blyth Beach
Tynemouth Priory and Castle
Dedicated to all the fishermen who have lost their lives x
And back in Blyth … Steve needed to check out the local football ground!

And so that’s the Northumberland coastal path done for us ‘Rambling Roses’ … 102 miles in 10 days of walking! Not bad considering the setbacks of chest infection and injured toe into the equation! It’s been glorious and we’ve loved getting to know these Northern parts. I’m sure we’ll be back ‘up North.’

A walk of two halves

Sunday 15th May 2022

Having had 2 days off walking, today we were back on the coastal path – all fired up for whatever it was going to throw our way. That’s the funny thing – even though you can estimate the miles you can never predict the terrain, elevation or environment – so each day is a mystery! We did know that we were letting ourselves in for 13-14 miles, but there was no earlier option on the route, where we could access public transport for the way back. It’s all a big logistical affair you know.

We made our way by bus to the starting point in Lynemouth – the first mile was a bit industrial but beach views too. Then it was all rambling beach side for the first 6 miles of the walk, and although not forecast, it was warm and sunny. Oh the joys!

We stopped for a break in Newbiggen-by-the-Sea and munched into our beef and horseradish sandwiches as we soaked up the bay views. Seems like a lovely little holiday spot.

Then onwards along pleasant paths to Cambois Beach where we stopped again for ice-cream … we were really spoiling ourselves today!

Whether or not it was the ice-cream that changed our luck, but the weather took a bit of a dip on leaving Cambois … it didn’t rain but the warmth turned to grey and chilly. And the first couple of miles were OK sand dunes but after that the rest of the walk (apart from some short interludes of farm fields and estuary side woodland) it was miles and miles of roadside, industrial areas and not so glamorous housing estates. So, a wonderfully optimistic start turned into a ‘just wanted to get it over and done with’ second half!

It’s not always lovely lovely you see – some days we hate! Hate hills, hate stupidly long flights of steps, hate overgrown paths with stinging nettles, hate diversions that add miles onto the path, hate getting lost … hate walking … hate each other (lol !!!!! edit by Steve!) But the good always outweighs the bad … it must do or we’d be mad to keep doing it! (No comments please)!

Finally reached our destination in Blyth – 13 and a half miles – pooped!!

A little industrial to start
Interesting sculptures in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
The magpie obviously attracted to the colour of the horse!

And now I’m home, showered, a little rested … enjoying a glass of wine whilst writing the blog, listening to Steve singing as he busies himself in the kitchen, cooking the Sunday Roast. Wafts of beef and sizzling roasties soothe my aching body … and all is SO well with the world.

A ramble into ‘Amble’

Thursday 12th May 2022

Today for our last bit of walking while based in this part, we caught the bus to Lynemouth and enjoyed a fabulous walk back to Amble, where we have stayed the last 3 nights.

All went swimmingly – up nice and early, found the bus stop, bus arrived on time to take us to Lynemouth – off to a great start. Now all we needed was to find a cafe for breakfast to fuel us up for what we hoped would be 8 miles, thought would be 10 miles … but in fact turned out to be 11 miles. But no cafes in Lynemouth to be found … walked 2 miles to Cresswell along the coastal path – still no cafe! At this point the coastal path allowed us to walk along the beach for the majority of the way so it seemed breakfast was a no no. It turned out to be a day of unfuelled walking … but we more than made up for it when we reached Amble about 2pm and devoured some lunch.

Despite the hunger we loved the walk, part sand dunes, part shoreline walking (my favourite) – a day on the beach essentially. Fairly windy at times but the sun occasionally came out too.

So wonderful how each village and town remember their local heroes – who gave their lives in the Wars
We’ve been learning a lot about Colliery living and working too!
Coquet Islandfull of puffins

Rambling into Amblesomeone has built themselves a very nice house and put it on a hill for all to see!
Parked outside the ice-cream parlour in Amble … a severe case of mid-life crisis methinks!

Amble has grown on us. When we arrived on Wednesday evening it seemed like a bit of a tired town – run down shops, no decent pubs or restaurants, nobody about … and we were thinking “oh no, three nights!!” But then we discovered more, including the quayside hospitality and shops, the local beach, a beautiful nearby nature reserve – so we take back all we said Amble. If you’re ever in town, we recommend ‘The Boathouse’ and ‘Fish Shack’ restaurants, the ice-cream parlour, The Coquet Tea Rooms (fab breakfast) and ‘The Cock and Bull’ micropub – a tiny local bar where men seem to take their dogs for a walk at night … and spend the evening sharing their stories with any visitors over a beer or two – we loved it.

Our last night in Amble – eating at ‘The Fish Shack’ … busy table as near the Specials Board

Friday 13th May 2022

Unlucky for some, but so far so good. We moved into our house-sit today in Blyth (when we eventually cracked the diversion)! Lovely house, all we need to make us extremely comfortable for the next week while we attempt to finish off walking this coastline.

While we’re here in Blyth we’re looking after the lovely ‘Squidget.’

Saturday 14th May 2022

Met some really friendly people at the Jesmond Dene parkrun – Steve and I had volunteered to do the tail walking – it was a good job really as I would have been at the back anyway – very few slow runners, no walkers and particularly hilly – what a joy!

And the rest of the day has been a ‘day off walking’ too. Treated ourselves to a few hours on the beach at Cresswell. Beautifully sunny and warm today – attempted a swim … paddled up to my waist but just couldn’t make that ‘getting under’ thing! It was numbingly freezing!!!!

Plan to get the walking boots back on tomorrow!!

p.s. the photos not quite so sharp today as Steve had an accident – he dropped the camera on his already sore toe, resulting in:

  1. An even sorer toe!
  2. A broken zoom lens
  3. Having to resort to mobile phone camera!

Castles, castles everywhere … oh, and golf clubs

We’re carrying on living the life, enjoying the open road. The last few days certainly made easier by staying at the fabulous Eastwatch Guest House. Having the swimming pool and hot tub to return to after miles of path walking was an incredible bonus, not to mention the warm hospitality of Paul and his partner. We made the most of the guest kitchen/dining area to cook in most nights and enjoy the sea views while dining – why would you not?

It’s been a full on few days of walking though so the blog is not so many words and loads of photos! We covered 40 miles in 3 days (Sunday – Tuesday) and today (Wednesday) we’ve done a cheeky little 7 miles (a shorter one planned so I could reserve some time and energy to catch up on blogging …. oh, and Steve has a sore toe!!

Sunday 8th May 2022 – Beal to Berwick

A straightforward walk – 9 miles – no trips, slips or blips in organisation. Mixture of splendid beaches and farmland walking. Stumbled across a golf club around lunchtime that actually invited walkers in – so of course we did! Lots of high speed trains, fascinating geology and most exciting of all … an ice-cream van. And a beautifully sunny day.

The promenade at Berwick where we were staying at the Eastwatch Guest House – this was our beach.

Monday 9th May 2022 – Bamburgh to Beal

Today was harder, hillier and much more inland – only glimpses of the sea at the beginning and at the end. Still beautifully countryside scenic – bluebells en masse, deer, hares, pheasants, partridge – we could hear but not see cuckoo! Forever awed by the nature around us. Some excitement today on having to phone to cross the railway line – we haven’t done that since we were kids!

Had one of those not so happy moments though on reaching a gate with ‘Warning, Bull in Field.’ No discussion on turning back, Steve forever the farm boy! So through the gate I went moaning and groaning about the stupidity of risking death by bull – and breathlessly climbed the huge hill, continuously and anxiously scanning 360 degrees to detect said creature, my escape route through barbed wire cunningly planned. And it had to be the longest field ever of course, going up, up, up and then down, down, down. When we finally got to the end of the field we met such a jolly old man (yes, considerably older than us!) who was sat on the stile smoking a roll up! And his devoted elderly wife was sat on the ground at his feet – and they were full of the joys of Spring (well, we think they were as they were very animated and smiley … unfortunately the local accent though fabulous can be a little tricky for us to understand). Turned out they had just climbed that hill and were coastal path walking too. Made me feel so pathetic about my anxieties when we were obviously so much faster on our feet!

And almost 16 miles today – not bad!

The magnificent Bamburgh Castle

Tuesday 10th May 2022 Bamburgh to Craster

Took the decision to walk southwards today due to wind direction … but it changed direction regularly!

A lovely walk though, much more coastal today although still ventured into farmland and woodland at times. Another day of castles, golf courses and an abundance of natural beauty. A blend of windy and sunny weather for the 13 miles. On reaching Craster, we caught the bus back to Bamburgh to collect the car … and then drove to our new accommodation in Amble. Seems lovely … but no hot tub!!! (We’ve been spoilt)!

Tempting fate methinks!!

The harbour at Craster

Wednesday 11th May 2022 Amble to Alnmouth

A cloudy start to the day today but we set off with all enthusiasm as we knew it was going to be just a short stroll today. Like yesterday, it was a beautiful walk all the way … largely coastal and beach side, including sand dune paths.

Not far from Amble we walked through the beautiful village of Warkworth with its stunning church and castle. I was hugely excited at spotting an otter (my first sighting ever) … only to find out from Steve’s photo that it was actually a seal.

Another great day for bird watching … discovered the Eider Duck, the UK’s heaviest and fastest flying duck. This duck’s breast feathers have long been harvested for filling pillows and quilts … Eiderdown.

And after 7 miles of walking, we finished up with lunch in the picturesque village of Alnmouth – probably our favourite village so far. And we were even allowed to lunch in the Golf Club and enjoy the views of the green while munching.

Bit of a cloudy start

Amble quay

Warkworth Castle

The seal in the River Coquet … so wish it had been an otter!

Fascinating little plants growing along the sand dune paths … like a miniature pine tree forest!

Was convinced this was Tommy Shelby come to find me!

The picturesque village of Alnmouth

These pesky bulls!

The Eider Duck

And, back in Amble, finished off the day with local sea bass and too much prosecco … as you do!

A lot of people say to us “Why do you do it?”

And the answer has to be for the freedom, for the fresh sea and country air, for the time to appreciate all forms of nature, for discovering new things, for the wonderful scenery that takes our breath away each day, time for mindfulness and reflection, for the physical challenge too, for the satisfaction of pushing yourself and achieving, for that lovely tired feeling at the end of the day … and of course for ‘being together’ time.

So, to walk or not to walk?

Walking, blogging, selfie poses …. it’s a yes from us, the Rambling Roses xxxx

Streaks of yellow and gold to brighten up our day

Saturday 7th May 2022

We started off the day with the Pastures parkrun, overlooked by the magnificent Alnwick Castle (pronounced to rhyme with ‘panic).’

As we parked up for the parkrun we met Nick who lives in Towcester!! Practically neighbours.

An interesting route over countryside so it was bumpy underfoot, hilly at points, splattered with cow pats and involved three lots of running through a particularly muddy bog. Michael the Run Director and his team of volunteers couldn’t have been friendlier though and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit here.

The quite remarkable Alnwick Castle. Home to the Duke of Northumberland. Used for filming scenes for both Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. You can even book Broomstick flying lessons here!

We drove straight from the parkrun to Alnmouth where we had decided to park up and catch up a bus to our coastal path starting point of Craster. We enjoyed a hearty Eggs Benedict breakfast and lashings of tea before boarding the bus, so that was us nicely set up for the day. Our mission was to walk back from Craster to Alnmouth along the path, retrieve our car and drive back to our accommodation in Berwick. This is all a bit higgeldy-piggeldy this time in terms of where we walk, but bear with us, it will make a complete jigsaw by the end of the fortnight.

The very first part of the coastal path was through a pub garden – it was quite amazing that we got any further!! From A to B it was a fabulous path … a real coastal path in its terrain and views of the sea, we loved everything about it. A few hills here and there but nothing too horrendous. We even walked a stretch of golden sand as we neared Alnmouth and finished off by walking alongside the village golf club.

It was a day of views, of birdsong, of seaside smells … and eventually of sunshine. With my blog head on I couldn’t help but notice a whole load of yellow and gold today. Mostly from the flowers – huge swathes of brightly coloured gorse lined the majority of the path … then there were primroses, buttercups, cowslip, even late blooming daffodils and tulips … and of course Mr. Dandelion! And as the walk progressed there was more evidence of that large yellow ball in the sky peeping out. “The sun has got his hat on ….”

The rocky beaches later turned into the most beautiful stretches of golden sands. Where are the swimmers!?

We had excitement too watching a group of reluctant coasteering victims as well as a flock of young lambs exploring their independence whilst Mum called fervently from nearby.

It was just over 7 miles of walking today + our 3 miles of running … so not a bad day’s effort. Revived ourselves in the gorgeous bubbly hot tub on our return and now chilling with wine and pizza, watching and listening to the waves.

So, it’s been a yellow sort of day between the flowers, the sunshine, the sands and also the rapeseed fields seen so much in this area. Maybe I should order a bowl of custard!!!!

p.s. did you notice that I haven’t mentioned being ill – I think that Northumbria air is kicking in!!

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

In 635AD Saint Aidan came from Iona and chose to found his monastery on the island of Lindisfarne. From here the Christian message flourished throughout the world.

Today Steve and I chose this as our ramble, a steady little explore of a place we had wanted to visit for some time. Still dealing with a weakened “me’ we chose to do this on our way between Newcastle and Berwick, something gentle. And we weren’t disappointed – picturesque, historically interesting and, being out of season, not too overrun with tourists! A truly unique little island with its tiny population, a handful of hotels and what seems a thriving fishing trade. Not sure that remote a life is for us but can certainly understand it’s charm. Decided to drive over the causeway and park rather than do the ‘pilgrims walk’ barefoot on wet sand – protecting my health of course … but we really loved our 4 mile windy walk around the island.

Lindisfarne Castle – originally a fort, now a holiday home

Lindisfarne Priory
Sometimes it’s just best to do as you’re told!!

Have now checked into Berwick-upon-Tweed for the next 4 nights … and boy has Steve chosen well. We’re staying at the Eastwatch Guest House – right on the seafront. Has spectacular views, wonderful accommodation, an indoor swimming pool, sauna and a hot tub in the garden. So after a relatively easygoing day we had an easygoing swim and a long lounge in the bubbling hot tub. Well it is a sort of holiday. Going to really enjoy our time here – I think I feel better already just thinking about it!

A room with a view

Tomorrow is Saturday so of course it’s time to run. We’re off to The Pastures parkrun at Alnwick Castle and we’ve volunteered to do the parkrun Report. So we’ll be up and out early, a 5k run followed by our day’s coastal walk then back to our new pad for hopefully a whole load of relaxation.

Love our life x

Because you’re mine … I’ll walk the Tyne!

Wednesday 4th May 2022

Today we drove up as far as Newcastle – a city we’re both visiting for the first time. Immediately impressed with its architecture and vibe. Loved seeing the Angel of the North as we arrived. Checked into the County Hotel – grand, central, affordable … with an old fashioned air and the slowest lift ever! Treated ourselves to a fine dining experience tonight at the Six Restaurant, a 6th floor setting overlooking the Tyne. I actually dressed up and everything – dress, heels, jewellery – the lot!!

Have been fighting a series of chest infections in recent weeks – have been taking the meds and resting but it’s clearly not working. So, as this trip was planned I’m going to give it my best shot and whilst being sensible, try and fit in as much fresh air and walking as I can. It feels like my body is swilling around in a cocktail of amoxicillin, paracetamol, covonia, jakemans, lemsip and strepsils …. fresh air and gentle exercise has got to be the answer surely. Well, let’s see.

Thursday 5th May 2022

Not the best of nights between my coughing fits and Steve having to fetch his inhaler from the car in the middle of the night. But we were still up at 8.00am and still resolute to attempt a few hours of walking. First things first … we enjoyed a breakfast at Wetherspoons quayside – the difference in size between the large and small breakfast was like Daddy and Baby Bear meals … but it set us up perfectly for our ramble.

The first few miles was all riverside, the magnificent River Tyne. Such a vibrant area for cafes, restaurants and bars – spoilt for choice. Often we can spend a whole day coastal walking without any outlets for sustenance – here we were overwhelmed with choice but of course didn’t need anything at this stage.

The Tyne Bar – I have it on good authority from my friend Dermot Hall that this is the best bar in Newcastle. Hoping to visit soon.
Looking out for Ant and Dec !

Absolutely love this number plate!

Still riverside, the coastal path (also Hadrians Way at this point) ran along some pretty woodland and we were blessed with a selection of flora and wonderful aroma of blossom.

The second half of the walk was a different story as we were taken away from the river and found ourselves in industrial and housing areas. This was 5 or 6 miles in when we found ourselves gagging for a cuppa … but naturally not a cafe in sight when needed. At 9 miles energy levels were really dropping and we had to resort to a tasteless sandwich from a corner shop and a brief encounter with a chap and his dog in a particularly dodgy area.

Roman Baths

Nevertheless, it gave us the burst required to finish the final three miles, taking us into Tynemouth. Treated ourselves to an ice-cream, keenly supervised by a crowd of seagulls, before catching the Metro back to Newcastle.

Finally got to see the sea at Tynemouth.

From one extreme to another, after our posh nosh last night, tonight we ate in Wetherspoons … and it is what it is. Chuffed with the bargain and swift service on using the app, we still found ourselves grumbling about the noise levels, people squeezing past the table, the kitchen door continually banging and the general chilliness – but you’re allowed to be grumpy when you’re old (and tired from 11 miles of coastal walking).

An of course tonight was all about Wycombe Wanderers in the play offs. Not being able to find a Sky Sports Bar, Steve settled for watching the game on his laptop in our hotel room – stocked up with milk and chocolate for the big game (rock and roll)!

Heading further north tomorrow – planning a visit to Holy Island.

Did I mention I was poorly!!!

We ❤️ Krakow

Wednesday 20th April – Monday 25th April 2022

Have just returned home after 5 fabulous days in Krakow – first trip to Poland for Steve and I. What a magical city – packed with history and architectural splendour, so much to see and do.

It was a trip away with our running club – the invincible Redway Runners. So in between the sightseeing and partying there really was some running (more for some than others) – honest!! We have absolutely loved spending time with our running buddies and making some new friends too … and it’s absolutely true what they say – “what happens on tour, stays on tour!”

Day 1

After a 3am start to the day, flight from Luton, train from airport into Krakow city and a walk to the hotel, we settled for a light lunch on the river after check in and a little ramble around the local area before a much needed afternoon snooze.

The quite amazing Father Bernatek’s bridge – adorned with sculptures of acrobats and lovers’ padlocks!

Headed into Krakow Main Square in the evening to meet up with the gang – drinks and dinner and not too late a night – such a great start to the trip.

He seemed to be having a good time!!

Day 2

How else would you want to start the day but with a 5km run along the river, all running at our own paces and a jolly good time was had by all. Explored a bit more of the area at the same time and then rewarded ourselves with coffee and delicious cakes (as you do)!

A little more sightseeing in the afternoon – Steve and I ventured to the Jewish cemetery and then into the Jewish Quarter – some fascinating history.

The Jewish Cemetry
Hamsa ‘hummus and happiness’ restaurant – became our favourite eating place of the holidayin the Jewish Quarter.

We spent some time in the Main Square (including the Rynek Underground Museum) before a walk up to the station to meet Alice, Ellen and James arriving from the Airport. Great to all be together. Tram back to the hotel and a quick turn around for them as meeting the RR gang back in the square. Another fun evening with dinner in the cellar.

Steve with our very friendly waiter.

Day 3

A sobering but essential day today as we set off early for our trip to Auschwitz and Birkenhau Concentration Camps. Nearly hit a problem when they required ID but they very kindly accepted what we had … including Jo’s cinema pass!

It goes without saying that to witness and learn in detail about this unmatched atrocity, so respectfully delivered by our guide, was something necessary and humbling.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana.

The sign above the entrance to the Auschwitz gates reads … “Work sets you free.” The people arrived with hope of resettlement.
The entrance to the gas chamber and the grim historical facts.
We moved on to the Birkenau camp and learnt of even more unbelievable atrocities.
For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity.

Finished Day 3 off with drinks in our hotel bar, dinner in Hamsa Restaurant in the Jewish Quarter and a quick night cap in a very lively Irish Bar.

Day 4

It’s Saturday … it’s 9 o’clock …. so it’s Parkrun. A little tricky getting there as a different course to usual being used and the taxi drivers didn’t have clue … or should I say we didn’t have a clue and couldn’t make ourselves understood. But after some stress and a lot of uphill walking we all arrived in time.

Krakow is known to be an easy and flat Parkrun but oh no … not today … they literally went from one extreme to the other. Due to an inline skating marathon on the usual route, we were banished to a forest and an incredibly steep hilly one at that. Stunning scenery but just ridiculous in terms of running … but we did laugh afterwards … well eventually!!

While most of the others went off to register for this evening’s 10k Krakow run, we sloped off for some different afternoon and evening activities.

Steve, Alice, Ellen and James bravely set off on a 3 hour bike ride around the city.

I on the other hand spent some Nobby No-Mates time exploring churches, castles and other historical must-sees.

I climbed up into the bell tower of this magnificent cathedral in the Wawel Royal Castle.
Art installation in Ghetto Heroes Square
Remaining ghetto walls – “Here they lived, suffered and died …”

And no holiday is complete without a boat trip and so it was the ‘Trusty Five” boarded at 8pm for a river night cruise … well rewarded by views.

Before retiring after our weary day, we headed up to the Main Square to cheer our friends off at the start of their 10k run. Also moved down to encourage them on again at the 7k marker. Great representation from the Redway Runners and superb running. Fooled by the quad bike tailing, I presumed my pals Sheila, Sue and Karen had dipped out and so we caught the tram home. But my heroes did make it all the way and within the allocated time (albeit alone and in darkness) … and rightly so are chuffed with their achievement … although questioning their sanity!

Day 5

Our final day started off with a 5k run with a small mixed paced group. Luckily Lee kept me company at the back while Steve and his faster chums looped to keep us in sight. Beautiful run around the city parks and up to Wawel Castle then along the river. Lee and I left them to it at 5k and slunk off for coffee. Steve and Michelle then joined us for breakfast at Hamsa – a Jerusalem breakfast (otherwise known as scrambled eggs on toast with salad).

Taking it easier today we even made time for a sauna and chill out for a couple of hours before meeting the ‘young ones’ in the Sky Bar for cocktails.

Alice, Ellen and James then headed off to the airport for their flight home. We stayed in the Jewish Quarter for a ‘big meet up’ and managed drinks outside for an hour, until the heavens opened. Wandered off in our different groups for dinner. We had the best time ever for our last night – the best company, lots of laughs, good food and wine … even singing!

Then Steve, Sue, Phil and I ‘wobbled’ home on the cobblestones to our hotel – The INX Design Hotel (thoroughly recommend) for a much needed last night’s slumber.

A quick last pic outside our hotel – farewell Krakow …. it’s been a blast!!

Well we won’t forget this trip in a hurry – have loved everything. A lot of teasing, a lot of laughs, a lot of walking, running and sightseeing … and Steve tried his hand at organising – but I believe Lee’s in charge now! Our very first Redway Runners tour – hope they’ll be more.

Cheers everyone x

We’re off to Skeggie

Wednesday 16th February 2022

After another great night’s sleep in ‘The Hive’ we set off with a spring in our step to walk the 9 miles to Skegness (+ a mile to get to the coastal path), leaving the car parked up. So full of bravado after yesterday’s straighforwardness and the sun out today with blue skies – what could possibly go wrong!?

Bright and breezy
Our lovely airbnb – the Hive (on Home Farm, Friskney)
The mile long path to the coastal path …. and what’s that big yellow thing in the sky!!?

And it was the accustomed straight flat sea defence wall walk, surrounded by cabbages, flights of geese and the occasional glimpse of sea in the distance. We suspected a wee bit of trickiness as the Ordnance Survey app wasn’t showing a clear coastal path but there had to be a way through surely. It has been announced some time ago that there is definitely a path connecting up the whole of the UK. And the destination is Skegness – not exactly the back of beyond – there’s a Butlins there and everything!

A gathering of swans today – the Lincolnshire birdlife do like to gather!

After 4 miles we started to hit problems as paths shut off – we had to make decisions like walking along farm fields and jumping over barriers but still heading in the right direction. Steve took a tumble down a muddy slope – he was fine apart from muddy legs, wounded pride and mutterings to his new walking boots! We soldiered on.

A few barriers to manoeuvre along the way!

And then we got to a marina where the sea wall path was definitely cut off. The OS app showed a footbridge if we turned left and walked half a mile up. This we did, battling the fierce wind head on … arrived to find that the footbridge had a big padlock on and there was no way through. Trying not to be despondent we decided to carry on in the hope of another footbridge. The wind was getting stronger and stronger – Storm Dudley was forecast for later in the day – we wondered if we’d met the beginning of it but as yet no rain. We walked and wobbled with the wind for at least another mile. We saw some deer along the way which temporarily lifted the spirits.

Originally looked like kangaroos

After a 2 mile diversion we hit barbed wire fencing and water either side!

We took time to pause, think and eat chocolate. We had to go forward as there was nothing for us going backwards in terms of getting to Skegness. Steve fiddled with the barbed wire and found a big enough hole for us to climb through – we then had to climb over a series of locked gates and walk through a farmyard – luckily no guard dogs!… or farmers!

We found ourselves on a road … and took the opportunity to walk to the right to see if we could get back to the coast. It was a long long remote walk but finally we spied a bridge which enabled us to cross the water and ramble our way to Skegness.

We loved this bridge

We joined civilisation at the Skegness golf course with a line of magnificent properties facing it. We looked a bit out of place with our mud smeared hobbling weary appearance. 12 miles of walking plus the added stress was enough for one day. We decided to skip the promenade and pier and just head to the bus station – we needed to get to the car and get home.

So we’ll be back to see Skegness another day in the future where we’ll start off and head northwards.

Our 4 days of walking in Lincolnshire are over. We’re now home, clean and rested. Have just heard on the news that the missing prisoner has been found – in SKEGNESS.

A straightforward day of walking – hurrah!

Tuesday 15th February 2022

Today was SO straightforward – no prisons, no tracking down any prison escapees, no duck conventions. We even had a lift to the coastal path in Butterwick (where we left off yesterday) from our wonderful airbnb host, Gus, which saved us about 3 miles of walking and a bus trip. We didn’t fall over, we didn’t fall out … and we didn’t get lost, not even one bit!!

Day 3 of walking the Lincolnshire coastal path

And the coastal path from Butterwick to Friskney was unbelievably straightforward … literally straight forward… straight all the way. Luxuriously flat and straight sea defence wall walking was the order of the day – that embankment, again heavily molehill ridden, just kept on giving as far as the eye could see.

That’s a pretty straight path
Straight and molehill ridden path

WW2 Pill Boxes lined the path at regular intervals, historical anti invasion defences. Steve and I did our local community work, peeping into each one to see if there were any prison runaways lurking.

WW2 pill boxes

We didn’t actually see any other person on the whole 8 mile route. We saw plenty of birds – this area is such a twitcher’s paradise. Spectacular air displays of geese flocks … genuinely of Red Arrows quality.

It was SO peaceful. Lots of time to think and contemplate life. The first hour was incredibly wet, driving rain on our backs, but the last two hours it dried up and there was actual blue sky. The other bonus, and this may sound strange, but for the first time in 3 days of coastal path walking we actually got to see the sea! This part of the Lincolnshire coast line is such an expanse of mud flats that the path steers you away at a safe distance. So, blue sky plus sea views was quite something.

Today we were surrounded by farm land on both sides and we saw some marvellous examples of healthy vegetable crops – huge plots of cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale – looked spectacular but gave off that aroma of school dinner halls!

After 8 miles of coastal path straightforwardness, Steve judged the turn off to our accommodation perfectly – just a mile’s amble along a country lane and we were back in “The Hive’ … our gorgeous airbnb annexe. Top marks to my amazing man for his logistical planning – it was spot on!