Back to Beer …

As coastal path walks go, today was TOUGH.  We walked from Sidmouth to Seaton – about 12 miles in total … but what a 12 miles!!  When we had finished I looked at the guide and it said challenging /severe – strenuous – that was pretty accurate.  But we had another glorious day weather-wise and were truly rewarded with the scenery on this magnificent stretch of coastline.  The colours were so vivid against the backdrops of the pretty seaside towns that it felt like being on the continent – we have been incredibly lucky.


Leaving Sidmouth – facing the first of MANY hills






But seriously the hills today were something else – huge climbs and hundreds of steps going up and going down – sometimes it takes all your will to carry on.  I wish they could be kinder in their step design too – sometimes there’s such a drop that I fear my knee won’t take the impact on landing!


Stairway to heaven …




Always another hill to face

Today’s funny incident:  we came to the rescue of some nervous walkers who had ground to a halt as there were cows on the path.  They had heard stories of people being killed by cows, especially when there were calves amongst them, which there were.  Steve stepped up the mark and shooed the cows off the path and so clearing the way – I was so proud of him, even though I was cowering (do you get that?) at his side.



After 3 hours of torturous walking we managed to stop for a bite to eat at ‘The Sea Shanty Cafe’ in Branscombe – overlooking the beautiful beach.  Only a quick stop though as we had to get on, not quite knowing how long today’s trek was going to take.  While we ate lunch we couldn’t help but glance up at the monumental hill in front of us.


Lunching beside Branscombe Beach

So replenished, we made our way up and up once again, facing some tricky paths through woodland.  I heard a cry out from up ahead as Steve managed to walk into an overhanging tree branch – both head and pride wounded …. there had been no warning that a low hanging branch would be there!!


We soldiered on and next found ourselves walking into the historical fishing village of Beer.  Now, there is some history here for me …. the last time I was here was many moons ago.  I had been at a Girl Guide Camp in Dartmoor and the day we were leaving I was taken ill – we were never quite sure whether it was the mouldy jam sandwiches or overdoing the roundabout and swing activities in the park (maybe a combination of both!) – but I was not fit to travel on the coach home with the others.  So I was taken to the Mum’s house of our Guide Captain who lived in Beer – a name I never forgot.  Funny that, how my past should be connected to an alcoholic beverage!


Walking into Beer

Then after more hills and the final stretch of walking on pebbles we arrived in Sunny Seaton, where we rewarded ourselves with lashings of tea.


We walked the length of this beach on the sloping pebbles!


Beautifully sunny Seaton

So one of the harder days today – but hard to resist more when you see such beauty.  Now recovering with tea and chocolate – this is the life!!




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