Walking into my home county of Dorset

Thursday 27th September 2018

We set out from our Airbnb in Seaton having received some local advice from our lovely host Anna.  Today’s walk was from Seaton to Lyme Regis and Anna had advised us that there was an initial climb but from thereon an enjoyable walk.  The Coastal Path guide had indicated a moderate walk so our screaming muscles from yesterday breathed a sigh of relief.  It was half the distance too.  Luxury.


Eager to start our ‘moderate’ walk from Seaton to Lyme Regis


Seaton beach

And the advice we had received turned out to be fairly accurate.  Still enough hills, steps and uneven terrain to make it interesting but, particularly in contrast to yesterday, it felt manageable.  Due to coastal landslides in this area, the path actually took us through woodland for most of the day, with occasional glimpses of the sea.  Following yesterday’s clonk on the head, an alteration to our observation techniques were required.  We now have learnt to apply up and down scanning simultaneously – looking out for protruding tree roots as well as those low hanging ‘out to get you’ branches!  No further head grazes today!  It was a pretty walk through rich vegetation, quite wet underfoot at times but we did miss having the sea views.


We had occasional glimpses of the sea


Lots of funghi spotted


A mile or so outside of Lyme Regis, a local person had very kindly left a basket of home-grown apples hanging from the Coast Path sign.  So, naturally we helped ourselves to one and they were delicious.  Just a little way on I noticed a old lady in a long skirt lurking in the woods above us – I began to imagine a Snow White scenario … but I kept on munching and lived to tell the tale!

There were a fair few people out on the path again today, all enjoying the sunshine I guess.  We had a bit of a Tortoise and the Hare situation with a group of 3 young Eastern European chaps – they overtook us when we’d stopped for a rest and then we caught them up but stopped so they could carry on ahead.  Then we caught them up again and overtook them this time, while they were resting ….  and we didn’t see them again.  They were however carrying quite sizeable rucksacks but nevertheless it was still a clear win for the ‘oldies.’

So we completed the walk in 3 and a half hours and were able to enjoy some time in Lyme Regis – love this town …. and of course this is where the path enters my home county of Dorset.  Known as the Pearl of Dorset, Lyme Regis is famous for its Cobb and harbour as well as the literary connections – French Lieutenant’s Woman and Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion.’


At the end of the Cobb         “Oi Meryl, lend me your cape!”




Love the town of Lyme Regis in Dorset – I’m on my way to Weymouth!

So spent a relaxing couple of hours lounging on the beach – tried to picnic on sandwiches but were swooped on from all sides by pesky seagulls – Steve won the battle but I gave up on mine!  Had a lovely paddle and would loved to have swum, maybe tomorrow.


Steve’s most favourite position of all

Finished the afternoon with a scrumptious ice-cream (shielded from the ever-hungry seagulls) before a climb up an incredibly steep hill to the bus stop – beautiful ride back to Seaton.

A great day.  Planning a visit to a micro-pub now to round things off!

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