A day for closure …

25th September 2018

A short walk had been planned for today but … best laid plans and all that … turned out to be quite a bit longer due to closures.

We parked up in Sidmouth and caught a bus back to our start at Budleigh Salterton.  However, there were road closures and the bus had to drop us off 3 miles out of the town – so we had these extra miles tagged onto the day’s trek.  A pleasant walk into town though, at this stage we were full of positivity – the sun was shining, the sky was blue – what’s an extra 3 miles – it’s just a Parkrun!!

Stopped to have a bite to eat in town and then headed off to find the coastal path – but hey ho another closure – this time the coastal path had been closed due to environmental studies … so an alternative route had been provided causing us at least another 2 miles add on!!  It just wasn’t our day … but we just laughed it off and put our best foot forward.


Leaving the pretty seaside town of Budleigh Salterton



Looking back over Budleigh Salterton once we finally got onto the coastal path

It actually was an enjoyable walk – coastal views to die for, stunning countryside for miles, some pretty woodland stretches – plenty of ‘Sound of Music’ rolling hills but we mostly seemed to skirt around the bottom of them which was such a treat.  There were more walkers than usual  on the path today and I suggested that perhaps this was because this section didn’t seem too stretching.  And we actually laughed about ‘talking too soon!’




We seriously thought that we were nearing Sidmouth when, out of the blue, they stuck not one but two whopping great hills in our way, no kindly path around, just straight to the top …. you know, the ones where you look up and it seems to be leading into the clouds.  Even after the 8 or so miles we’d done, Steve still chooses to get up these slopes at breakneck speed, just to get it over and done with.  Unfortunately, my legs and lungs guide me to a slower pace … but at the same time I’m no slouch!  I use differing techniques to get me up there … look at the ground, look up, chest open to aid breathing, swing my arms, sing songs, dream of being at the top!!  I usually look up to see Steve’s wiggling bottom getting further and further away … and it entices me on!!

Anyway, we finally conquered all that the path required and found ourselves enjoying a long downhill stroll into another gorgeous seaside town – Sidmouth.


Walking into Sidmouth


Sidmouth seafront

So, on my subject theme of ‘closures’ …. was today ‘Closure’ for me in terms of a pathological fear I suffer with?  Yes, snakes!!  Today I saw my first UK snake – it slithered across my path with gay abandon.  I think it was a grass snake but I’m no expert.  So that’s my 3rd snake in total – a water snake in Thailand, a Whip snake in Tasmania and now today.  And all they do is just slither away as people say!  So maybe I’m feeling cured …. well, let’s see.

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