Is it a bird? Is it a plane …!?

Friday 1st July 2022

Day 11

Despite extensive research by Steve, we were unable to find a route today that worked out logistically with one car and public transport – buses just didn’t go near enough and taxis seem non-existent. So, for the first time ever we had to resort to an out and back.

We were able to park up at CWT TATWS campsite in Tudweilliog, knowing that we would be back in a few hours for lunch. Got confused with the coastal path signs from the off and ended up walking a section of the beach unnecessarily and having to retrace our steps. Mind you, it gave Steve the opportunity to have a little grumble about coastal signage in general and get it off his chest!!

But we eventually got on our way.

Tudweilliog Beach

A mixed walk today – generally pleasant cliff top paths with a few dips and climbs to keep us interested. The hardest thing today was that the path was so narrow in places … we had to do that catwalk model walking – one foot directly in front of the other and keep balanced. When the path was close to the cliff edge you needed your full concentration. And worse than that – large sections of narrow path were completely overgrown – you couldn’t see your feet, just stride out and hope for the best! We decided it’s almost impossible to describe some of these more tricky areas – you have to be there!!

But we were lucky again to have the sun shining down, and the glorious sights of blue sea and little coves to our right and fabulous countryside to the left. It doesn’t get better.

Whilst we’ve been walking in Wales this time, we’ve been hearing some very loud military aircraft sounds but, although we can so clearly hear them, we can’t see them. Guessing they’re too high. Sometimes it coincides with a seagull flying over and we fall for it every time – no, it’s just a bird! But today we finally got to see one as it soared through the air at unbelievable speed – so exciting. Steve thinks they’re either typhoons or hawks … or could it be Superman!!

After 3 and a half miles and at a suitable spot (at the top of a long descent to the beach), we turned around to walk the 3 and a half miles back, knowing everything we had to face. It was all fine really, 7 reasonably pleasant miles of walking in total.

And a delicious lunch at the cafe before heading back to base for showers, blog, Wimbledon (for me) and Cricket (for Steve). And packing at some point … we’re on the move again tomorrow.

p.s. Steve is really missing his zoom lens but he’s getting really good at panoramic shots!

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