What a load of bullocks … and sheep!

Thursday 30th June 2022

Day 10 – we briefly talked about taking a day off as Steve has walked for 10 consecutive days (I’ve had two off) … but Steve voted to crack on. We got up to catch the earlier bus to Tudweilliog – you really have to grab the buses while you can – and after yesterday’s tough day, we had high hopes for this walk being a lot more moderate. It was a half mile walk from the bus stop to the coastal path and most of that was tramping through very long grass, lazy farmer not looking after the footpaths! But the coastal path start was just near a camp site and there was a very smart shop and cafe there, so we indulged in cappuccinos to set us on our way.

And it was blissful walking – flat paths across low lying cliffs, occasional dips but well catered for with little bridges and boardwalks. We passed so many fields of bullocks which got us talking about farming – Steve reminiscing from his early years. We also walked amongst many sheep grazing on the cliffs – goodness knows what impression they have of humans, as they tend to scatter as you get near – except a few ‘cool’ ones today who chose to sit still and stare.

Grazing bullocks

And such a fabulous day for wildlife – we saw plenty of dolphins and gatherings of seals too, bobbing their heads up to say hello. We saw terns, cormorants and two new birds for us – chuffs and guillemots – we became quite the twitchers. So lucky with the weather too – black clouds kept threatening but we avoided any showers and most of the time walked in sunshine.

Seals (no zoom lens)!
Guillemot – (no zoom lens)!

As the walk progressed, there seemed to be an increasing amount of ups and downs but still not on the scale of yesterday’s ‘mountains.’ I was just thinking for my blog that I would call it a ‘doddle’ when I fell down backwards onto my bottom as I came down a slope – that wasn’t such a ‘doddle!’

There was an easy enough section alongside a golf course and just after that the path took us down onto the beach at Morfa Nefyn – such a pretty little place. The OS app indicated that we could walk all the way to Nefyn along the beach – our favourite. Plenty of walkers along this stretch, lots with dogs. And the sea looked so calm and inviting.

Looking down onto Morfa Nefyn

On and on we walked along the beach – the sand turned to shingle and then pebbles and then we were faced by a large stretch of rocks – rocks that required you to climb with steadiness! Steve held my hand and guided me over as my initial attempt to go solo resulted in another fall backwards – my elbow breaking the fall this time – more bruising!! So relieved to finish that section, we walked on but, lo and behold, discovered we had missed a turn off so back over the rugged rocks we had to go! If you ever walk this section, be aware of some sneaky steps on your right – if you start rock climbing you’ve gone too far! And said steps led to more steps – another steep climb, just what we needed. We finally wend our way back into Nefyn where our oh so lovely accommodation is.

A quick turn around back home and we headed by car to Nefyn Beach where I enjoyed the most amazing swim, having been tempted all day by the magnificently calm, blue sea. And what a way to relax weary limbs after 10 and a half miles!

Our lovely Nefyn Beach

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