A ‘strenuous’ day on the path

Tuesday 22nd June 2022

Another blue sky, no cloud day – warm with a gentle breeze. So all was well with the world as we set off for our Day 2 Anglesey walk from Cemaes to Amlwch Port. The guide book had suggested that it would be a ‘strenuous’ walk but after yesterday’s mammoth 16 miles, this 8 mile stretch was us having an easy day. Cemaes had a lovely little beachside cafe but we’d sensibly eaten breakfast back at base today so for once it was not required. After disembarking the bus therefore (said bus with same heavily ‘masked’ man from yesterday), we were ready and keen to head straight off.

And there was no settling us in – the path turned off to the left practically from the start and took us steeply up up up, wading through dense vegetation before introducing us to the precarious downhill path. And these climbs and descents then became the order of the day – some slopes but hundreds of steps too, of varying precariousness! If you are considering doing this stretch be prepared for stunning beauty throughout but also know that it is hell. A real test of your muscles, joints and nerve!! Thank goodness for my trusty walking pole (loaned from Jess) and my two Sir Galahads, Steve and David, who provided hands to support me over the steeper parts and breaking a few of my stumbles. It’s so easy to grumble as you face some of these strenuous parts but I guess we love it really – we certainly love it when it’s finished!

St. Patrick’s Bell
Ruins of a porcelain works at Porth Llanlleiana

The old brickworks at Porth Wen

The sea was stunningly blue and turquoise today and the sun shone down on it throughout, making me long to jump in. We saw a number swimmers and paddlers – I’m definitely going to try it tomorrow. David spotted dolphins too – they were a little elusive when I was watching but I’m sure they were there. So many picturesque coves – Porth Padrig, Porth Cynfor and Bull Bay … but sadly no ice-cream vendors to aid these mad coastal walkers! Some interesting historical sites today too – the ruins of an old porcelain works at Porth Llanlleiana and the old winding gear and ruined chimneys and kilns from the long abandoned Porth Wen Brickworks.

The last mile or two were somewhat less strenuous as we wound our way around more low lying cliff paths into Amlwch, treated to glorious wildflower displays. And back in town we enjoyed coffee with pancakes and ice-cream as our reward for today’s effort – it may have only been 8 miles but, my goodness, what an 8 miles that was!

For my sister Maureen xx

And today David would like to say:

Diwrnod 2, Cemaes i Amlwch. Dim ond wyth milltir heddiw ond roedd yn serth iawn! Ro’n ni’n fel gafr mynydd! Pan gorffenon ni cawson ni goffi a crempogau mewn caffi yn Amlwch. Ro’n nhw’n crempogau yn flasus.

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