An extra Rambling Rose … walking in Anglesey

Monday 21st June 2022

So, we’re back to finish off Anglesey (well, that’s the plan) and we’ve been joined by an honorary Rambling Rose … Mr. David Rose! David’s not a blood relation but related by way of running obsession – he is indeed a fellow Redway Runner and a lovely friend. We’ve been talking about doing this for well over a year now, and finally we’re here.

David is Welsh but living in Milton Keynes and has been studying the Welsh language, recently having sat an exam. So we have high hopes that we’ll be striking up all sorts of conversations with the Anglesey locals, as the island is renowned for its Welsh speakers.

We arrived last night at our cottage in Amlwch and set out early this morning to catch the bus to Benllech, our starting point for today. We arrived in the nick of time to run for an earlier bus, conveniently held up by a sweet elderly man, with his face literally fully masked – you could just about see his eyes – giving the driver a detailed account of where he wished to disembark. We then had some lengthy and humorous banter with the driver ourselves – chatting was obviously his thing … though not in Welsh!

After a break neck speed bus ride to Benllech, we found ourselves a perfect cafe and settled down with our full English Breakfasts (as opposed to full Welsh). Lovely food, lovely service but again no Welsh speakers for David to practice on.

We wandered down to the beach to find the coastal path – it was only at this point I discovered today’s walk was to be 14 miles … I had had 10 miles in mind but hey ho!

And the day certainly didn’t disappoint – absolutely stunning coastal scenery and golden beaches all the way …. some walking across sheep filled fields and through shaded woodland, the path rocky underfoot in places and our fair share of hills it has to be said. And fantastic weather with blue skies and little wind (dare I say a trifle too hot at times) … but a little breeze joined us a bit later making it more manageable. So wonderful to be back amongst the wild flowers and butterflies, the sounds of lapping waves, hovering kestrels and even a few cheeky seals bobbing their heads in the sea! Picture perfect.

I have to point out that I very much saved the day by spotting an overgrown coastal path sign … Steve and David had walked straight past it and could have added even more miles to the day!!! And what was it overgrown with?….. Rambling Roses!!!

David soon discovered, Steve likes to keep moving with minimal breaks …. and so it was we reached 10miles, then 12, then 14 …. and still there was no sign of our destination. I think we all agreed the path was tough but we had no choice but to keep going and do our best to keep chirpy. How many times did I hear ‘this has to be the last hill’ and ‘ it has to be around the next corner!’ Finally, despite sore feet, tested spirits, some asthma troubles and a bit of hay fever sneezing, we eventually found ourselves at Amlwch harbour … and so the smiles returned as we relished in our achievement. David clocked up 16 miles on his Garmin – Steve slightly less … decided the discrepancy could be down to David’s regular ‘loo’ backs (running banter!!)

Just another hill then to get to the pub – the Adelphi – where we enjoyed well deserved beers and pies before tackling the final hill of the day back to our cottage for tea, bath, bed and hopefully lots of recovery sleep.

A wonderful first day back on the coastal path but, particularly considering the heat, a few steps too far. Great to have 16 miles under our belt though … and tomorrow definitely planning an easier walk.

And David would like to add:

Cerddon Steve, Dee a fi un deg chwech milltir heddiw ar hyd y llwybr arfordir Cymru. Roedd e’n galed ond gyda hardd golygfa! Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg felly edrychais i am pobl i siarad Cymraeg gyda ond siaradon nhw i gyd Saesneg! Dim ots. Fallai yfory?!

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