And Jess came too …. 💕

Day 76 of Lockdown (with some easing). 07/06/2020

Being Sunday, Jess was able to join us today – yay, some girlie company!So, once the cars were jiggled into place, we set off from the very attractive village of Turvey. This village has everything you need – a general stores, a post office, a church and two pubs – I’ve sort of fallen for it.

Today’s walk was Turvey to Salford (not Manchester, the Bedfordshire one).

The hot weather has sadly not returned but we consoled ourselves with “good walking weather” … just as we always feel the need to remark “good drying weather” on hideously windy days!

As we left the cars we were checking each other with “do you have keys?” “Do you have water?” … not taking any chances from now on … we’re professionals!! 🤣

Today we crossed field after field after field … and some quite magnificent ones too with a good selection of crop life. Love the neatness of farming in these parts – I’m definitely catching on to Steve’s admiration for straight lines and rows!

As well as the usual cows, sheep and horses, today we also saw a few hares and a brace of pheasants – beautifully depicting the countryside but too quick to photograph. We did however manage some shots of emus (well, we think they’re emus) … not roaming the hills but roaming around someone’s rather sizeable country residence.

There was also a more than usual amount of road walking today – some country lanes and some slightly busier roads. We also passed more people today than the other days – maybe about 12 in total (not exactly Piccadilly Circus I know).

With trepidation we entered through a gate that had a warning – ‘Beware of the Bull.’ Steve assured us it would be OK and I reassured myself that the farmer surely wouldn’t put a bull in a field which was a public footpath. Tom bravely led the way but as his Mum I could tell by his body language and the way his head was constantly scanning that he was indeed terrified. We picked up a fair old pace, funnily enough … and got to the next gate without the whiff of a horn.

There were a few prickly woods with stingers galore. Steve managed to get a few grazes on his head from low lying branches. But all in all another fabulous day of walking.

We had clocked up just over 11 miles by the time we reached Salford. In the village we came across these two beauties – luckily they were safely installed in a field that we didn’t need to walk through – wouldn’t like to get on the end of one of those horns.

Highland Cattle in Salford

We drove back to Turvey and enjoyed a delicious picnic provided by Tom and Jess. (Tom had got up early to make his Dad’s favourite egg sandwiches … and 7.00am on a Sunday is normally when Tom is just going to bed)!

A couple of days rest now as Tom has a nasty blister … we’ll be back on track for Wednesday. 😎

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