A rescue mission ….

Day 74 of Lockdown. 05/06/2020

Today’s walk – Olney to Turvey

Started off from Olney at a thoughtfully low stile – some of yesterday’s stiles had really been a stretch for my short legs – it’s OK for these 6’4” and 6’7” giants I walk with.

We walked through a farm where the kindly farmer pointed us in the right direction. Miles and miles of crop land neatly maintained … Steve just loves a straight row of plantings! Again various discussions on what crops were what … seem to be plenty of broad beans in these parts.

Tom strode ahead in his newfound ‘Head of Orienteering‘ role and we marched at a fair old pace through farmland, through woods and forests. The sun came out to shine now and then and it felt like it was warming up … what could possibly go wrong?

Some of the woods were particularly low lying – even I had to crouch down … and we all got torn to shreds with nettles and brambles.

Walked near a firing range where there was a sign indicating ‘Shooting in Progress’ …. must have been silent ammunition. Got excited when we spotted a lookout post but there was clear instruction – ‘do not climb’ – spoilsports!

About half way to our destination and at the end of a very long uphill wade through some rather overgrown broad bean crops, Tom ground to a sudden halt. “I think I’ve messed up” he uttered (that’s the polite version)! I presumed he meant that he had led us in the wrong direction but oh no – it had just dawned on him that he’d left his car keys in Steve’s car. (We were walking to Turvey where Tom’s car was parked – but the keys were in Olney). Steve chirped up “That’s OK, I moved them off the car seat and hid them in the glove compartment.” It took some further discussions between them to finally conclude that we’d hit a problem. And to add to the dilemma, not one of us had money on us so a bus or cab were out of the question. We discussed turning back but then made the decision to soldier on … perhaps one of us could run back once we’d reached Turvey (I wonder who)!!?

Wading through crops ….

Thank God for mobiles … another opportunity to remind Tom about the ‘old days’ before mobile phones existed. Tom made a phone call to Emma and John (who had a good laugh at Tom’s expense) but agreed to come to our rescue. And so we were able to walk on a complete the walk without carrying a load of anxiety.

Turvey House

Finally back in the pretty village of Turvey and it had been a fabulous 10 mile walk.

And so it was ‘The Cumminghams’ to the rescue … God Bless family ❤️. They drove Steve back to retrieve his car in Olney and so retrieve Tom’s keys. All the fun of ‘Logistics.’ 🤣

Desperately need a haircut!! 🤣

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