Rambling robots … and some flirting 😉🐦

Day 38 of Lockdown. 30/04/2020

My very first go at ‘Scan & Bag as you go’ …. it was brilliant, highly recommend 😊
Our Thursday evening neighbourhood clapping for the NHS and Carers ❣️

Day 39 of Lockdown 01/05/2020

Steve’s morning run recorded on Strava
My morning exercise c/o YouTube
We had a brilliant family quiz organised and hosted by Alice – donations to NHS ❣️

Day 40 of Lockdown. 02/05/2020

Another great zoom chat with my chums – Anne, Tina and Gina. We decided to show each other our face masks. Anne has a handy stock left from a recent visit to Japan. Tina has a pretty home-made one with handy pocket for disposable tissue. Gina has a super protective yet terrifying black number! And mine is a simple decorating mask. Don’t we look fetching!!? 🤣
A beautiful sunny day today – Steve out and about in the garden with his camera x
Friday night is steak night … but this week it was deferred to Saturday!

Day 41 of Lockdown 03/05/2020

My first ever attempt at trimming Steve’s hair (or anyone’s hair come to that)! Not bad I thought 🤔
Steve had run in the morning so I went out for a walk alone. Met this little guy in the woods. Am used to seeing them robot-ting along the streets but as it followed me uphill through a deserted Shenley Wood I got a bit spooked. Stepped aside to let it go past. Noticed it had written on the side “Hungry? Can I help you?” …. well, don’t mind if I do! 😉
One of the beautiful cottages in Shenley Village
Our bovine neighbours in the Toot in Shenley Village
And back home …. ❣️
…. to find Steve making turkey soup

Day 42 of Lockdown 04/05/2020

Another beautiful walk around MK today … exploring the city’s network of bridle paths
Chestnuts in full bloom
To mix it up a bit, took a stroll across Abbey Hill golf course on the way home
…. and bumped into another ‘Starship’ near home

Day 43 of Lockdown 05/05/2020

Got tucked into my home-made Dorset Apple Cake – apple, sultanas and cinnamon … so yummy with a dollop of cream
Received these amazing biscotti treats with a Wine Order this week – morning coffee takes on a whole new meaning!
5.00pm daily update – not so great today – high death numbers, testing not reaching targets, UK death tolls now the highest in Europe. Can’t see a let up anytime soon 😘
Lots of flirting going on in the garden though …. 🤣

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