The photos say it all …..

Days 29-37 of Lockdown. 21-29/04/2020

Now it’s all getting a bit same-ish …. but I’m not complaining – we’re doing our bit by ‘Staying at home’ … to ‘Protect the NHS’ and ‘save lives.’ But by way of journal, rather than repeat the same activities that I’ve been mentioning for the last 5 weeks, I thought I’d just portray our Lockdown life by way of photography.

Just a few ‘funnies’ to mention – I’ve had a couple of mishaps since my last blog. Firstly Steve and I were having a bit of a kitchen dance on Wednesday evening (following a family Birthday zoom session and a few wines) and I managed to get my feet all tangled and ended up on the floor – not very dainty! In slamming my foot on the ceramic tiles I managed to damage a couple of toes – possibly broken or at the least badly bruised …. and painful. We did laugh though 😂

And then on Monday of this week, I sat to admire our gardening at the front of the house …. unfortunately the fence I chose to use as a chair gave way underneath me and once again I ended up on my bottom, painfully! Must do something about this Lockdown weight!

My third funny was the receipt of a dodgy email asking me for $2,000 otherwise they would expose all the seedy videos of myself in compromising positions that they could access on my computer. I was initially shocked by their descriptive language … but then it became hilarious …. and into the trash bin it went.

Bird watching in our garden
Exploring new recipes
Piano tuition
Steve fertilising his lawn ….
… and then relaxing 😎
Getting out the sewing machine to attempt some NHS scrub bags!

On a political note, there’s still no hint of possible lockdown release – despite daily question bombardment from the reporters. The politicians are keeping tight-lipped about any future plans to ensure no weakening at this point, risking a second wave. Every day this week has brought good news in terms of a decrease in new cases and deaths.

And Boris is back!! Not that we’ve seen him present the daily update yet – I guess he’s saving his return for the day when news of normal life resuming can be announced. Having said that, his fiancée Carrie did have a baby today – so I guess he’s been busy!

And then finally today we got out for a walk … my toes still a little painful but they managed 5 miles in my walking boots!

You gotta love Milton Keynes – beautiful walks are so accessible. I think this Lockdown is going to give many of us a whole new appreciation.

Missing everybody. Can’t wait for hugs ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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