Loving Deganwy and Conwy … and all things Welsh

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Today’s planned walk involved walking from Conwy to Llanfairfechan (I know – quite a mouthful) but just to mix it up a bit we decided to do it in reverse – there was a reason for this but I won’t go into long winded details!! So we were up and out keenly from our accommodation in Deganwy and caught the train to Llanfairfechan (pronouncing the name when buying the tickets was interesting).  Whilst waiting at the station all the announcements were in Welsh which was lovely – really makes you feel like you’re abroad!!  We’d also been informed that Llanfairfechan was a request stop so we had to make sure we informed the guard in advance – luckily it was just a 3 carriage train and we tracked her down.  If we’d been catching it on the way back we would have had to flag it down from the platform like you do buses – so funny!!!

The coastal path signs in Llanfairfechan tried to send us up some rather high mountain paths but clever old Steve had found some new alternative lower level paths … and you can guess which option we chose!?  I’m sure it was incredibly scenic from up the top but we still enjoyed being nearer to the sea and avoiding the climb.  The downside was being close to a busy road but, hey ho, you make your choices!!


This is the mountain that the coastal path signs kindly tried to introduce us to!


We chose the new alternative route – through the base of the mountain

It was a relatively easy route today, a few hills but on the whole flat and manageable.  Some stunning views of Great Orme – it had been pretty shrouded in mist when we walked it a few days ago.


Great Orme – a beautiful walk if ever you’re in Llandudno

As we approached Conwy we had a bit of traipsing through sand dunes, alongside the golf course.  From this lovely beach we had great views of Deganwy, our current residence!


Deganwy – our airbnb is situated amongst the trees just right of middle, at the back.

We had a little rest on the beach and tucked into our cheese and cucumber sandwiches, before calling an end to our 8 mile trek and heading back to base.

The weather again today was so amazing … we sat out on our balcony and enjoyed a couple of cold beers in the sun – a real holiday feel.   And, being Sunday, Steve got his chef hat on and produced an incredible roast beef dinner – we may be away from home but we can still stick to traditions!  Absolutely delicious, as was the wine purchased in a wine shop in Rhos-on-Sea.


This is the walk from our back garden gate in Deganwy


Views from the top of Deganwy


Watching the sunset over Deganwy


Monday 4th June 2018

As mentioned before, Steve has committed himself to another marathon and so this morning he set off to fit in a ‘long run.’  I opted for a more leisurely TV catch up.

Later, with the sun out in full force, we spent some time on the beach followed by a look around Conwy with its stunning castles and quayside areas.  Liking this more leisurely approach to our rambling.




Conwy Castle



A very relaxing day all in all.  Back to some ‘rambling’ tomorrow.

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