A Welsh room with a view

Friday 1st June 2018

We were up and out early this morning – oh so keen!  Our plan for today was to walk to Llandudno and, depending on what this walk had involved in terms of terrain and time, perhaps walk on to Conwy.  The weather was dull … and in fact got mistier and mistier as we moved around the coast.  We were all geared up for eventualities though and the waterproofs certainly got put to the test at a couple of points during the day.

So, parked up in Colwyn Bay and headed off along the promenade and into Rhos-on-Sea, all very pretty seaside areas.  As we hit Penrhyn the coastal path took us onto a pebble beach (not so great for our old knee joints) and then, finally we were presented with our first big hill climb – oh joy!  The signs had let us down a little at this point – we’d searched other low level options but it seemed like the only way was up.  So up we went and there was one of our Wales coastal path signs at the top – yay, we were back on track!

But then we lost the signs again and had to blindly dodge our way across a few sheep-filled fields, battling through an abundance of stinging nettles and climb over locked gates until we found our way back onto the path.  Steve was so excited he fell off the gate into the undergrowth!!

From here it was all downhill into Llandudno and some more promenade walking, still heavily shrouded in mist.  We loved the feel of this town, pretty Georgian houses and old hotels beautifully presented – both pebble and sand beaches, something for everyone.



As we walked around the bay and up the hill we had views of the pier with its array of amusements – obviously a popular family resort.


From there the path took us into the Great Orme Country Park – a prominent limestone headland.  It was a fair old climb but so worth it for its magnificent views, despite the persistent mist.  At points you felt so high up with very steep drops to your right – but they had kindly provided a sturdy stone wall all around the headland to break any falls!




At the base of the Great Orme the rain started to fall heavily so we headed for the nearest tea shop and feasted on Welsh rarebit and gallons of tea.  After this sustenance we continued on our trail and followed the misty path through to Deganwy and then onto Conwy – both exceptionally picturesque places.   We will be staying in this area for the next four nights, from tomorrow, so we’re looking forward to exploring all the many attractions.


As we had walked across the bridge in Conwy the mist was so thick that we could hardly see the views on either side.  Even Conwy castle was obscured – not sure why people had still climbed it.  But as we walked through the city wall and came out the other side – it was like walking into another day … full clear sunshine!  It was like saying … “Tonight Matthew I’m going to be ….” and walking through dry ice into another time!



By this time we had completed 14 miles so felt justified in running for a bus that happened to come along – perfect timing.

And after a little recovery snooze back at base, we headed up the hill to the White Lion in Llanelian, where we had a delicious meal and a fun evening with Fran and Andy – some new chums we made on our recent trip to Thailand.  It was great to see them and we exchanged many travelling stories.  We had also met up at the cricket in Australia last December – and it now seems we’ll be meeting up again in Sri Lanka when England are out there to play later in the year – happy days.



Saturday 2nd June 2018

Why do I always have too many wines the night before a Parkrun!!  We were having a ‘no walk day’ today but we still inflicted this 5k run on ourselves at some unreasonable hour in the morning after the night before!!  It was a beautiful course actually and we both did OK – survived … and felt great once it was over!

Then we had to check out of our gorgeously comfy house in Old Colwyn, say goodbye to our fabulous hosts and head to our new airbnb in Deganwy.  We stopped off for an amazing breakfast in Fortes in Rhos-on-Sea on the way – it was like stepping back in time – but the food was delicious and we would highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in that part of Wales.

And now we are settled into our new abode for the next four nights … and it’s perfect … with views to die for.  We’d be happy just sitting on our balcony for the whole stay … but there’s walking to do and things to explore.  Life is good.





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