‘Things to do’ in Hobart

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

It’s hard to choose what to do when you have limited time on trips away and there’s so much to do, but for today we all agreed on a visit to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). It’s located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula – it is the largest privately funded museum in Australia. We opted to take the Mona Roma to get there – a fast ferry departing from Hobart pier.

For some obscure reason it is of ‘camouflage’ design – not sure what it’s blending in with but it looks arty! It has a bar on board though … and models of sheep and cows for photographic opportunities.

The current temporary exhibition is called ‘The Museum of Everything’ and is described as ‘the world’s first wandering institution for the untrained, unintentional, undiscovered and unclassifiable artists of the 19th, 20th and 21st century’ – such a fascinating collection. We all separated to explore with use of audio and gathered at lunchtime to exchange stories of appreciation, fascination and outright shock!! The audio equipment even flashed up a warning when you were about to enter a room with art of a sexual nature, and which some people might consider ‘rude!!!’ I was so engrossed with everything – from dinosaurs made from collected rubbish and kittens’ tea party to toothy Madonnas – loved hearing all about the artists … a great representation from artists with autism, visual impairment and mental health issues. Fascinating to learn a little more about the use of ‘art therapy’ – got me thinking about some retirement training when I get home. (I think this gap year is helping me to find myself)!!!

This is a photo of the entrance – makes us look taller and slimmer!!

So we lunched on lamb and chickpea wraps as we ‘talked art’ and listened to some live music playing in the grounds – oh so cultured.

When we got back to Hobart, Kaye and Greg travelled out by bus to meet up with an aunt of Kaye’s that they had not seen for many years. A heartwarming reunion by all accounts.

Steve and I decided to use the time to drive up to the top of Mount Wellington, elevation of 1,271m – a closed eyes job from time to time – mine not Steve’s as he was driving! The views from the top made the scariness worthwhile – beautiful …. and so funny to see the places we had been during the day in miniature.

Took a steady drive down, watching for sharp corners … and of course passed the usual nutty runners and cyclists – crazy people!!

In the evening we met up with Kaye and Greg in the Hope and Anchor, Australia’s oldest pub. India joined us for a drink later too – a lovely evening exchanging more stories. Had a final drink in the area called Salamanca before retiring home to bed.

Goodbye for now India – hopefully see you in the summer 😊

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