A day at the SCG – first day of the last test, The Ashes Tour 17/18

On Wednesday night, Steve and Tom made their way to the Barmy Army pre-test match drinks at the Cargo Bar in Darling Harbour. Alice and Marc were out on their own shopping and sightseeing trip. So I indulged in a ‘night in on my own’ – the first since we had left home in July!!!! And I loved it … didn’t even bother to cook – just ate snacks and watched TV – heaven – sounds crazy but you just miss these simple things.

Steve returned about midnight having had a fun night of Barmy Army drinking, singing and dancing – Tom returned some time later, having partied on with Tim Brooker, a fellow drinks rep from back home. We were amazed when Tom got up so willingly in the morning – the five of us set out for our day at the Sydney Cricket Ground. (I have to say, Tom certainly looked better than Tim looked the morning after)!

Unfortunately rain delayed the start of play … and so an early lunch was declared … this meant the drinking began. Some of us were more moderate than others!! England won the toss again (what a victory) and elected to bat. Although Steve considered this a mistake for England chances it did mean more interesting viewing – watching England bat as opposed to Steve Smith monopolising the day.

SCG is a beautiful ground, some beautiful old pavilions and some stunning backdrops of the city skyline.

Enjoyed the afternoon’s cricket … not as many runs as hoped … but the Barmy Army kept up their spirits.

And then, disaster of disasters, we lost two wickets in the last 5 minutes – Bairstow and Root … AND THEN … we lost Tom (Quelle Surprise)!!!

Tom had wandered off for a last minute cigarette saying he would meet us at gate 7. After a long wait we gave up – we moved on!! Tried to get into the first Barmy Army meet up at an Irish pub … it was heaving … found out afterwards that Liam Gallagher was performing across the road later hence the crowds and singing. We moved on to the Cargo Bar where we met up with Tom, ate and drank and home by 11.00pm for a much needed sleep (especially Tom) 😊❤️

That was our last Ashes Tour attendance … we’ve loved the experience and it’s especially been a big tick off the list for Steve … and he’s enjoyed sharing it with us all. Continued to watch the cricket over the following 4 days on TV – not a great end result – 4-0 to Australia … but there’s always another time!!

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