Our penultimate day in Phuket

Tuesday 28th November

Back to overcast weather today so no point lounging at the beach or the hotel pool.  Instead we embarked on a short walk into the rainforest to catch a glimpse of a nearby waterfall.  Picturesque stuff and completely remote from tourism.  The deeper we got into the forest area, the clammier it got.  And we met some local creatures too.  Alice was amazingly brave – a start to her spider phobia therapy!


This is Steve’s hand and you know how large his hands are!



Local residences


Spent a couple of hours on the beach afterwards, had our last swim. The sea actually felt chilly today – so different to all the other days when it really had been like a bath!

And for our last night party we returned to The Sunshine Bar in Rawai – slightly ironic as it was chucking it down with rain outside!!  Another outrageous evening of cocktail drinking, singing and dancing.  Joined by Mr. O and Sammi and some lovely new friends Andy and Fran (who we will be meeting up with at the Perth test match) – great night.


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