Farewell to Sansuko Ville, Phuket, Thailand

Where did that month go?  It certainly speeded up over the last two weeks since Alice and Marc joined us.  We have LOVED it.  Particularly the people who are so smiley, calm and welcoming – it is a land devoid of aggression or stress.

Despite hangovers, managed to get packed and sorted and then hung out at the hotel until it was time to go.  Would you believe it was still raining today – Bobbi said Phuket was crying because we were leaving!!

The time came for goodbyes – thank you so much Bobbi, Pen, Tip, Nan and Mr. Lec.  – you are all amazing people and it’s been a fabulous place to stay.  We’ll be back!!


Penn, Steve, Nan, Tip, Bobbi, Dee, Marc and Alice


Steve, Mr. Lec and Dee. I was stood on the kerb by the way!!

Also we had to say tearful farewells to Alice and Marc – they were leaving later that night to fly to Cambodia .. then on to Vietnam … then  on to Malaysia … and then in 3 weeks time we will meet up again in Melbourne (can’t wait).

And so to Perth, Australia …

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