Phuket – a pocket of paradise 

Arriving in Phuket airport on Wednesday afternoon was a comforting experience – we’re becoming accustomed to the Thai way of being calm, patient and polite … demonstrated by this signage by the baggage reclaim area.  

Mr. Lec, our hotel taxi driver greeted us warmly on arrival and drove us slowly and safely to our destination (such a joy after the chaos of Bangkok).  After 40 minutes we turned off the main roads into a series of ‘local’ lanes and then pulled into Sansuko Ville – our initial reaction was of a little concern as we seemed so far off the beaten track … and we had booked into stay for 4 weeks!!  Another warm welcome from the owner Bobbi (an English lady) and her three lovely Thai staff – Pen, Nan and Tip – and once we were shown to our beautiful room, met some other guests and had a dip in the pool we knew that we had found a little corner of paradise!   For the first time in three weeks we have been able to unpack all our clothes, so we really do feel at home.  After a couple of hours, Bobbi took us for a drive around the local area – we are in a Thai fishing village which has a pretty harbour and an array of local shops, market stalls and houses.  There are 3 local beaches all offering something different … and very few other tourists, predominantly local people, which is perfect.  The hotel offers us free return transfers to the local restaurants and beaches … there are only nine rooms here so the service from Bobbi and the girls is second to none, really personal.  

There are two of these stunning fan palm trees at the hotel – have never seen these before.

Our ‘home’ for the next four weeks

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Beach Bar the first night, table set on the sand, sea lapping up just a few feet away – delicious Thai food and local beer – the perfect holiday feel.  

Steve got straight into his running routine, heading off early each morning before the heat of the day really hits.  The first morning he was chased by three local dogs, one grabbing onto his shorts, but he’s perservered and they haven’t bothered him since – they must have got used to ‘this new tall bloke’ around town!!  I’m doing my 50 laps of the pool each day and next week am going to start walking 3 miles each morning with Bobbi – desperately trying to keep up a level of fitness.  

Have been eating in some of the local restaurants, facilities a little basic to say the least but the food is quite amazing …and incredibly cheap.  We’ve made some lovely new friends at the hotel – Pete & Sue, Lyn and Eddie – so have been sharing some of these experiences with them.

A Thai feast at the Blue Table restaurant

We were so lucky to be here for the Lori Krathong festival – Thailand’s ‘festival of lights’ – crowds gather along the beaches and harbours, under the full moon, to light a candle and some incense and float them off to honour the guardian spirit of water.  The girls at the hotel had informed us that we needed to add 9 pieces of silver (coins), some hair and some nail clippings to our offering – this caused much hilarity as we passed around the nail clippers and then pulled out hair (from various parts of the body!) at the harbour side, whilst trying to keep our candles and incense sticks alight!!  Even more giggles set in as we gingerly bent down to place our flower offering in the water – it was quite a drop into the harbour so concentration was required!!

The foods stalls were remarkable and we bravely tasted an array of local delicacies including sweet potato cakes, jack fruit (incredibly smelly but tasted good) and insects – yes, we did the old bush tucker trial – disgusting!!

Have been spending some lazy hours at the pool too, soaking up some sun, sipping cocktails, enjoying a laugh with other guests.  Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to the beach and after a walk we stopped to have a beer in a local bar then found a stunning beachside restaurant, enjoying a meal while watching the sun set.  Life’s tough in Phuket!!

Feeling oh so chilled – missing all our lovely family and friends back home though – always in our thoughts ❤️. Heading out to explore Phuket Town this afternoon which is said to have a unique blend of colonial and Chinese architecture and quirky streets and shops.  There’s also a market on today – anybody want anything???

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