Well it’s goodbye for now!!

We’ve been away from home for 62 nights ….. we’ve slept in 44 different beds during that time … so as you can imagine we’re looking forward to a bit of ‘home’ time.  Because of our upcoming overseas trip, we’ve decided to finish off for now in Babbacombe (we will return to complete the path next year) and what a perfect place to spend a few days relaxing – the English Riviera is certainly something special – I could never get bored looking at these views. And you can see all the way round to Portland!! (Weymouth here we come tomorrow) xx

We have walked 485 miles (a little less for me as I skipped a few days … but who’s counting!!?) and we feel a HUGE sense of achievement.  Of course there’ve been ups and downs along the way but mostly ups because the simplicty, tranquility, the sensational views, the personal satisfaction and the meeting people are such reward.  There have been a few times we could easily have given up but luckily we kept each other’s spirits up and focused on a day at a time.  It’s been amazing for Steve and I to spend 24/7 together as our lives are quite independent but we’ve survived it … in fact we may carry on spending lots of time together!!

Staying in airbnb and guest houses across the three counties has been a mixed experience and we have learnt so much – I could write a book (in fact I might well do)!!  An overwhelming surprise was the generosity, in all sorts of ways, of some of the hosts we stayed with along the path, particularly those that gave their time to chat and provide the home comforts we were missing.   There were so many but amongst the special list we would include Nigel and Paula, John and Val, Carol, John and Shirley, Trish, Paul and Gary, Phil, Jo and Michelle and Steve.  We hope to return to see you one day.

We also met other walkers … the normal routine was to exchange the scary stories, compare what you considered to be the trickiest parts, comfort and encourage each other to keep going.  Everyone had their tales to tell.  Annette and Graham we met most regularly, either staying in the same accomodation, bumping into each other along the path or having dinner together – many laughs and stories shared.  We wish them well as they complete the path over the next couple of weeks.  

It’s been hard not to bombard the blog with photos of the stunning coastline (we’ve spent a bit of time on it!!) but thought we’d round off with some of the funnier sights we’ve seen along the journey.

And this is where it all started in Minehead


We’re heading down to Weymouth tomorrow for the week to see family and friends and have some chill time (+ Wendy’s Birthday party of course!).   So excited about seeing Tom and Alice at the weekend ❤️ Heading back to Milton Keynes next Sunday or Monday – then it’s countdown for the big overseas trip – we will be away for 6-8 months – all a bit open ended (the beauty of retirement).  Steve is so excited about getting back to his running chums – I hope you’re all ready for the endless stories – you thought it was bad enough before!!

So we wanted to say a BIG thankyou to you all for following our journey, for reading the blog, for your likes and comments – it felt like we had you alongside us … and it helped to keep us going.  Neither of us have ever faced a challenge of this scale before but if we have inspired at least one other person to walk the South West Coastal Path then it will have been worth it.  We will definitely be finishing off the last 10 legs (132 miles) next year when we return from Australia so please feel free to join us.  

We spotted this postcard in a shop recently and felt it summed up the decision we have made about early retirement and heading off for adventure while we can.

So, it’s goodbye from him … and it’s goodbye from me ❤️ Hopefully you’ll join us on our next blog – following our overseas ‘gap year.’  We’ll be back 😊

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