Gates 28 ….. Animals 4

We often comment on the number of gates we walk through each day and also ‘comment’ (as grumpy old people do) on the ratio of gates to grazing animals.  And each gate is different and so needs to be worked out, some push, some pull and they have different types of latches and catches!!  So Steve found himself counting today (think it’s about time we called an end to this trip!!) and there we have it …. we unfastened and walked through 28 gates today and in total we passed 4 fields of grazing animals … and one of them was a solitary horse.

We stayed in a fabulous B&B in Malborough last night, our lovely host Jo really looked after us … and she cooked a delicious vegetarian omelette for breakfast.  So headed off by bus to Salcombe and then by ferry to East Portlesham.

On the ferry from Salcombe to East Portlesham

Farewell Salcombe

So today we had a 12 mile walk from Salcombe to Torcross.  Now every day I set off with a ball of anxiety tightly tucked into my tummy, wondering what lies ahead of me.  The guide today had indicated that it was one of the toughest walks on the path so I was putting on my bravest face.  At least the sun was out and although still some wind, nothing like the 35 mph gusts from yesterday.  It really is the most amazing experience, as you walk along you face a section at a time, literally what you can see ahead of you …. so as you turn a corner it could be a huge climb, a huge flight of steps downwards, a narrow cliffside path, rocks to climb over … and you tackle each challenge as it presents … and once it’s over you feel such a sense of achievement and you move on.  Today there was a fair amount of rock to clamber over and some very close to the edge of the cliff stuff but all in all I loved the walk today …. and really feel proud of myself and Mr. Rose.  As always we were rewarded with stunning coastline scenery – it’s impossible to grow tired of it.

Being so close to the edge of the cliff today and over rocky terrain it was essential to keep our eyes peeled on the ground – so when we got to the lighthouse at Start Point and climbed over the hill to see Start Bay it was an absolute joy.  From there it was a fairly easy track through to Hallsands and Beesands … and we were rewarded with outstanding views.  We also bumped into our fellow walkers, Annette and Graham in Hallsands and walked together to Beesands where we stopped off at the Cricket Arms for a drink.

There was a corker of a hill between Beesands and Torcross – it’s so mean having such a killer at the end of a 6 hour walking day, but it has to be done.  Our host Steve came to collect us as we are staying in Stokenham tonight and what a fabulous Airbnb we have found.   Steve and Michelle have a farm tucked away at the top of a VERY narrow lane just beyond the village.  Our bedroom AND lounge are amazing – we are well and truly comfortable.  Michelle even drove us to the pub and came to collect us as (1) it’s a long walk down a very dark country lane and (2) the rain is well and truly back + 50 mph wind.

Our very comfortable Airbnb in Stokenham

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