Another day … another ferry …. another town

Had a great stay in Bigbury-on-Sea last night, beautiful accommodation.  We had a loft room with a dormer window and an absolutely stunning view over to Burgh Island with its majestic hotel all lit up.  We were also able to look up to a clear sky with thousands of stars, perfect.

Burgh Island

Set off this morning in extremely windy conditions – literally being pushed sideways when walking on the cliff edge.  Had a two mile walk to get the ferry across the Avon – luckily the boatman turned up as he is apparently a little unreliable.  Travelled over with our new friends Annette and Graham.  

Fairly moderate walking through Thurlestone and on to Hope Cove.  That is in terms of terrain, unfortunately the wind seemed to get stronger and stronger – this made for amazing sea views but did nothing for my anxiety levels!!

Reached Hope Cove by lunchtime and stopped for a quick sandwich.  I dipped out at this stage as the ongoing route was detailed as high rugged cliffs and on this blustery day I preferred the option of a bus ride to Malborough where we were staying tonight.  

Hope Cove – beautiful village and friendly locals

Steve walked on to Salcombe and really enjoyed the spectacular views – felt it was one of his favourite parts of the coastline.  Wind continued but the sun came out and made it more pleasurable …. and he arrived in Salcombe in good time, then bus to Malborough – a pretty little village (more affordable for us to stay than in Salcombe) … and he didn’t get blown over the cliff!!

Been trying this video thing a bit on the phone although at times its soooo windy but I guess you can probably see that!​ 


2 thoughts on “Another day … another ferry …. another town

  1. What lovely pics or rather what lovely places. You are nearly done. well this bit anyway. Does it just seem that ‘this is how my life is’ yet? Bx


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