Plymouth to Wembury … as simple as that!

Stayed in a ‘tired’ B&B in Plymouth last night, sharing a ‘broom cupboard’ shower and toilet with 12 other guests!!  So it wasn’t too much of a wrench to leave this morning, even though, as forecast, the rain and wind were out in full force.  We left wrapped and waterproofed up to battle the elements – John McEnroe ravings sprung to mind – “You cannot be serious!!”  However, as commonly happens in Devon & Cornwall, the sun made an appearance by late morning and all was well.  

One of the toughest parts of the day was getting out of Plymouth – a bridge was closed and we literally went round the houses + the industrial estates, the harbour, the marinas, rivers …. you name it, we went round it …. and finally 6 miles and 2 hours later we found the real coastal path!!  This photo below was taken from Jennycliff (our B&B was just close to the lighthouse) – it was just across the water but we had taken forever to get there.  Tip of the day:  take a ferry!!

On our way we passed a few landmarks …

A great walk today, nothing too strenuous.  Stopped for lunch at Bovisands then straight on to Wembury where we are stopping tonight.  In fact we are stopping here for 2 nights – allowing ourselves a ‘day off’ tomorrow after 10 straight days of walking – we feel it’s well deserved and are very excited about a lie-in (although Steve is thinking about getting to a Park Run)!  If it’s sunny there’s a beach nearby, if it’s thunder and lightening, as forecast, we’ll have a cosy day in … doing our chores and chilling.  

Off to the pub now for dins. 🍷🍺

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