Farewell Cornwall …. and hello again Devon (South this time)

It was unusually warm at 9.00am this morning as we left Portwrinkle (Cornwall), setting off up the hill on our 13 mile walk to Plymouth (Devon).  The guide had indicated an easy – moderate route and they got that about right – we fully appreciated the lengths of flat walking and shorter ascents and descents along the way, felt we deserved it after the last few days.

Leaving Portwrinkle

From the top of the first hill we were diverted off the coastal path due to the military firing range at Tregantle Fort.  This then involved us walking along roads and some extremely overgrown roadside paths.  So glad I had my full-length walking trousers on – still have that ‘impending doom’ outlook in regards to adders!  We were relieved to reach the end of the diversion and walked down the road alongside the firing range, inquisitively looking through the barriers – they have a real fort to play with!!  I jumped out of my skin however when the firing suddenly started – I’d be useless in a war zone!!  Steve was fascinated and hung around to watch – I scurried down the road as fast as I could.  

Tregantle Fort

So a beautiful walk along the stretch of Whitsand Bay – a few nasty ascents and descents meandering our way around the holiday chalets that nestle into the cliffs along that coastline.  By now the day had chilled right down which made it more comfortable for walking.  We were surprised to see a number of brave swimmers though, including two skinny-dippers enjoying the waves at the far end of the bay.

We reached Cawsand by lunchtime – pretty little town with twisty cobbled streets and tiny cottages with front doors not made for big fellas!!  As we had gone continental for this morning’s breakfast we treated ourselves to bacon butties and mugs of tea and then set off to finish our path to Plymouth.  

Lots of luscious woodland scenery and stunning gardens walking through Mount Edgecumbe Country Park brought us through to our ferry point.  And so to Plymouth …. and change of county.  

Waiting for the ferry to take us to Plymouth.  Flying the flag for the Redway Runners today.  🏃❤️

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