Is Vic there? 🎶🎶 ….. we need to get to Polperro

After a cosy night’s sleep (single beds as Pam had been expecting Steve to arrive with another man!) and a fine breakfast, Vic kindly dropped us off at Par Sands so we start off on today’s adventure.

I loved my boiled egg and soldiers rack

Leaving Par Sands


We asked Vic to drop us off at the camp-site where we had some ‘economy’ family holidays in the past – my it’s changed – all smart holiday homes now.  And the location of the camp-site shop/cafe has now turned into an Italian Restaurant called Milos.  This was the shop where regularly at 9.30/10.00am they still would have no milk, bread or newspapers to sell and the shop assistant clearly did not care a jot about that!!  It was where one morning when Steve clearly felt he was not receiving the customer service he deserved that he uttered the infamous remark to the assistant “Is there something wrong with you!?”

When we found the coastal path out of Par we were fascinated to see a sign on the first path saying ‘Bat Walk.’  A hundred yards on when we stopped to glance over the beach we were mad we hadn’t photographed the sign ……. because of course it was Par Sands that another legendary family incident occurred, involving Caroline and Jim and a Cricket BAT!!

And so the walk commenced, now if yesterday was steep, today was even steeper – more hills, more descents, more steps – it was an unforgiving day.  As I’m climbing sometimes I feel so much hate – I hate the hill, I hate Cornwall, I hate my husband (and I’m sure he hates me and my whinging) and I hate myself for getting into that position.  But then you finally reach the top and see fabulous views …. and you breathe … and you relax … and all is well with the world again.  

Arrived in Fowey at lunchtime and treated ourselves to a little look around town.  As you walk in it’s so pretty with palm trees, pink and blue hydrangeas, wind in the willows garden, pastel coloured cottages – love this place.  We were soaked and muddy up to our knees but found a lovely restaurant where they insisted we come in, despite our look!!  I enjoyed a chunk of pork pie, rocket salad and homemade piccalilli (thought of you Gina!).  After lunch we took the ferry to Polruan and started on the second part of today’s 15 mile walk.  

Leaving Fowey

The journey continued to be relentless in terms of climbs – back to rugged cliffs now and more edge of the cliff walking – feel I’m getting a little braver in this regard – well I just don’t look to my right to be honest!!  Our B&B host tonight has just told us that there are 900 steps between here (Polperro) and Polruan – and that’s just half of our walk!!

Met a little more wildlife today – still too many cows for my liking – but also came across Freddy Frog basking in the sun on our path and there were hundreds of Red Admiral butterflies – some outstretched on the path, others fluttering around in great numbers.

So, although we love Polperro, after 7 hours of walking we are just going to relax in our very sumptuous B&B room (splashed out!) – we have king size bed and TV.  We’ve brought in supplies for a cream tea, wine and nibbles.  A chilled evening is on the agenda!!

Our home-made cream tea. Look Alice – the room has Quality Street!!

Pretty Polperro

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