Steep is the word of the day …. on our way to Par Sands

Robin cooked a fine breakfast and chatted busily as he did so ….. we set off a little later than planned.

Leaving Megavissey

It was very much a STEEP day – steep hills both up and down, steep steps both up and down (more than 100 in one flight and there were many flights!) and steep in mud!!  The weather had brightened up today – in fact no rain and some sun – but yesterday’s downpours have left patches of very boggy ground.  We were caked in it!

So a tough day of walking.  The funny thing is we knew it would be as the guide had indicated roller coaster climbs.  But literally every time we dragged ourselves to the top of a hill there would be an immediate descent right to the very bottom where another hill would be lurking, hardly any flat walking for most of the day.  So although pre-warned we still grumbled every time – “so mean” “this is ridiculous” “I don’t believe it” – “who designed this coastline!!”   I think today we started our third ascent of Everest – I can understand your comparison now Nigel.  We actually decided that in this fast developing technological world escalators and conveyor belts might be the way to go …. could also promote diversity – equality of access and all that!!

We had to take the descents slowly as so slippy underfoot – Steve came a cropper as he dared to glance over to St Austell, removing his eyes from the path for a nanosecond, a particularly wet rock left him on his bottom and with a badly grazed knee.  He soldiered on!!

Stopped off in pretty Charlestown for some lunch.  A harbour town, with many tall ships and famous for the filming of Poldark.  


Arrived in Par after our 12 mile hill hike, hit the pub and downed a beer or two while we waited for our kind B&B host, Pam, to pick us up to drive us to our ‘today nest’ in St Blazey Gate.  Beautiful room and bathroom – just about to relax my weary limbs in a hot bath with lashings of bath foam.  Then out to the pub to eat – someone has to do it!!  Hope the bill’s not too STEEP!!

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