St Ives to Pendeen

Top day today as we started in bright sunshine which in itself was a great boost for our spirits, well needed after a couple of beers the night before with visitors Warren and Sam, lovely surprise!

A short rail journey into St Ives to reach the start of this section and a quick breakfast was the order of the day before Steve set off on the ‘strenuous’ walk whilst Dee got her miles in around town and The Tate Gallery, now what would you do?  This is a picture of the lovely harbour, yes the tide is out!

The guidebook was very honest with today’s description other than understating the 12 miles or so that I covered, through grasslands, heather, rocks, boulders, mud and ferns along with of course the now regular descent followed by ascent repeat repeat….  This stretch is supposed to be the hardest and I think it probably qualifies, what I can gaurantee is if this had been the first day I would have gone home!  A couple of the pictures from today’s walk maybe give a little idea of the types of walking facilities available:-

This whole journey has been amazing but way beyond anything we were expecting, in so far as not just the miles covered but how extraordinarily hard each one of those miles has been, along with some days spending 7 or 8 hours on your feet.  We are approaching though a very significant part of the journey as Lands End is just around the corner and we then start the return along the south coast.  That’s all folks I need to raise a glass to Dee and myself and of course to you all…Cheers

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