And so to Portreath, farewell Perranporth 

Another downpour occurred,luckily this time whilst we were in bed, to think we spent years enjoying summer holidays in Cornwall, all is seems to do is rain and blow a gale.  I sit writing this at 5pm in the garden of our lovely AirBnB in August with a fleece on!  

With this in mind, looking at the prediction for today’s trip of strenuous walking my darling Dee decided to take the bus, leaving Forrest Gump aka Steve to run / walk the 12 miles in just about three hours which considering the terrain I was well pleased with, also meant that we arrived at The Basset Arms for a couple of swift lunchtime pints, I needed to rehydrate you understand.  It’s weird they had a special beer in for me when we arrived:-

Considering the guide book rates this as one of the more difficult parts of the path I was surprised at how many people I saw whilst on route, most it seems intent on looking at closed / no longer working mines which I guess on chilly days is something to do, although they all looked at me running as if I was the stupid one, surely not?  Anyway for the record here is one of the closed mine heads, they are very close to the edge!
Also took a couple of snaps of a beach at St Agnes and a random rock as I passed through, amazingly not too blurred considering the speed that I was moving at (ha ha):-

However possibly the highlight of the day was yours truly Steve aka Forrest Gump going 🏄 surfing, not in the sea I’m afraid but in a muddy puddle on one of the paths (did I mention it’s been raining?).  There is no photographic evidence of the actual event but I’m pleased to show you my washing is drying on the line afterwards as something of a permanent memory XX

One thought on “And so to Portreath, farewell Perranporth 

  1. Are you remembering the weather on those holidays through those rose coloured specs of yours? I remember rain and FOG so thick we couldn’t see the sea and we had the cliff edge billets. Bx

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