Windy all the way …. Newquay to Perranporth

Getting away from the crowds in Newquay … these guys had the right idea!

We left a sunny Newquay behind this morning as we headed out along the estuary to Crantock Bay for our 11 mile walk to Perranporth.  This included a section called the Gannel Poetry Trail and then through Holywell Bay.

 Today’s guide had indicated a challenging – strenuous walk so we had mentally prepared for the challenge.  Lots of uphill and downhill (what’s new!) – all in all a manageable but tiring day.  We had definitely hit sand dune territory which requires a whole new set of walking skills!  We took the alternative of walking across beaches wherever possible.  However, today it was the wind that proved to be the major force to reckon with. … either when walking shorelines, up and down in the dunes or along the edge of the cliffs … it was knock you sideways winds (fortunately inland direction!) and sunglasses were essential items for the sandstorms (Steve had not brought his)! 

The tides just about allowed us to walk the stretch of Perran Sands and thus we avoided a whole stretch of sand dunes – it took forever to get along it but we were rewarded at the end by a steep but manageable path up (it actually had a hand rail) and onto the final stretch to Perranporth.

This sign made us laugh as it clearly indicated that the lifeguards are sick of answering these questions!!

Reached Perranporth just in time to jump on a bus back to Newquay where we were staying for a 2nd night in our seaside B&B.  

Tip of the day:  Do not ask locals for details of the coastal path i.e. Distance, direction, severity of route – they ALL lie!!  The truth is it’s unlikely that they have ever walked it – I guess they’re trying to be helpful but you’re better off sticking to your maps and instinct (if you have either of those)!  

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