Sailing out of Padstow  …. but a wet ending 

An enthusiastic start on our journey to Porthcothan – we didn’t quite sail ourselves but there were hundreds of sailing boats along the route and it was spectacular to watch, very calming.  

Today started in relatively manageable fashion, we ambled along the grassy cliff-tops chomping on lemon bon-bons – some steepish hills thrown in for good measure but nothing compared to the mountains we’d conquered on previous expeditions!!  We stuck close to the coastline so many glorious views of cliffs and golden beaches.  Entered some farming land at times and passed some impressive cabbage fields – Steve’s OCD surfaced as he admired the magnificently straight planting lines!  Again so much flora and fauna to wonder at – passed these giant mushrooms – must have been about 30cm diameter!

Observed many seagulls nestling into the cliffs as the weather started to deteriorate.  Peregrines swooping all around us too searching for food.  We thought the cows had got it wrong when we saw them laying down but, oh no, were they right.  The heavens opened and the rain persisted for the last two hours of our walking.  This caused it to get tricky underfoot – mudslides to be exact.  Steve was helping me down one particularly muddy slope and I literally just slid from top to bottom!!

And so we arrived in Porthcothan like drowned rats.  Naturally had just missed the bus so had a 2 hour wait … which turned into another 2 hours as the next bus just didn’t turn up.  A lovely couple took pity on us and gave us a lift to St Merryn where we stayed the night in The Farmers Arms.  A lively pub to say the least but a comforting Carvery and a few drinks later our spirits had been restored.  Even joined in singing with the local Ukele band..

2 thoughts on “Sailing out of Padstow  …. but a wet ending 

  1. I don’t know why I thought this was all going to be a long but gentle stroll with a lot of up and down. Had no idea our coastline required the agility of mountain goats. Still makes me want to do it myself. I’ve always wanted to do the southdown way so I will join you when you get to that if I may. Eastbourne to Winchester or the other way. I’ll even throw in a bed for the nights. I may not live that close but it will beat waiting for a bus for four hours and carrying luggage! (even if we have to walk back to the car) Bx


    • That sounds like a brilliant plan Bridget. I too had no idea of not only the agility that would be required but the nerves of steel as well – hence I now drop out of certain parts and let Steve plough on ahead. Also had not pre-thought about lack of public transport – have realised that we are such townies!!


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