A day off in ‘Padstein’ or ‘Rickstow’ ….

Made the most of our rest day in Padstow as the sun continued to shine brightly on the Birthday weekend. Our day started off with breakfast at Rick Stein’s Cafe …..

Then took a stroll along to the beach for a relaxing hour or so.  Weird to be surrounded by so many people – Padstow a hugely popular place.  There was a ‘grumpy’ moment on the beach though when someone’s dog thought it fair game to join in on Steve’s Cornish pasty lunch – despite several apologies from the owners, Steve just couldn’t bring himself to say ‘that’s OK – opted for the eye avoidance instead!!

We had found ourselves a perfect haven in ‘Coswarth House’ – a stroll up the hill, away from the jostling crowds.  Sampled a few hostelries – the Golden Lion, The Shipwrights, The Custom House – can recommend them all.  

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