Westward Ho! ….. and off we go …. to Clovelly    4th August 2017

Well today was the muddiest day so far and extremely challenging and long!  Look at my boots – looking a little different to the photo on our first post!! After 7 days of walking you could say they’re pretty lived in!!


It said it was to be a 11 mile walk but we reckoned it was more like 15 miles.  Whereas the last few days we’d managed some ‘holding hands’ walking ❤️ today we were back to Steve either being 20 paces ahead or protectively following me in my trail as I inched my way up and down the steep inclines.  Again a lot of woodland walking with odd glimpses of seascape.  Flora and fauna in abundance but lots of slippery overgrown paths armed with stingers and nettles of all varieties.  How Steve continues to wear shorts each day I don’t know – he’s clearly proud of his increasingly muscular, toned and tanned calves!!!

It took us 6 hours to reach Clovelly where our exceptionally kind airbnb host John came to meet us and drive us to his lovely home in Hartland Village, and we met his equally friendly wife Val.  Talk about ‘arrive as guests, leave as friends’ – this was certainly the case – we felt so at home – the four of us spent a fabulous evening together, having dinner at Hartland Quay Hotel and we enjoyed hearing about the adventures John and Val had experienced in their working lives – gave us food for thought!

At the beginning of the day, as we left Westward Ho! I spotted this sign – I know it’s a bit sacrilegious (sorry Car!) but it made me chuckle (and think of you Karen and Caroline) …. and I just knew there was a good chance it would be happening later … and so it did with my lovely new friend Val.  

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