Last day in Devon…

Been at this walking lark now for nine days and have seen off Somerset, whilst tomorrow will see us entering Cornwall and leaving Devon behind! A few stats from this week: We have covered over 60 miles (most of these miles were either up or down but not flat), we have also taken over 150,000 steps (Garmin figures not me counting!) in the last seven days!  Today’s journey was thankfully only 10 miles although of course the obligatory hills, thrills and mud were involved between Clovelly and Hartland Quay, which is also known as “shipwreck coast” and spotted this sign along the cliff path although it seems dozens of vessels have gone down over the years:-Also saw this memorial for a Wellington Bomber that never made it back to RAF Chivenor during WW11 having got caught in storms and crashed into the cliffs, its great that people are still making the effort to put wreaths in place!

One thought on “Last day in Devon…

  1. Sounds really interesting and fun..
    Jeff says you missed a physical match today. It was more like rollerball.
    Happy walking xxx


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