Porlock Weir to Lynmouth – Friday 28th July 2017

So two little walkers set off all bright and breezy on the second day of walking the South West Coastal Path.  Relieved the knees, hips, calfs all still up to the challenge.  A hearty breakfast set us up for the day – took the bus down the hill into Porlock Weir where we were faced with some steep steps as we started on our journey.  Rucksacks felt a little heavier today!! Again lots of scenic walking, woodland and coastline views – such a beautiful part of the country.  But boy was this walk tough – this is by far the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life – I had no idea!!  Typically British, as with yesterday, we faced all 4 seasons in one day – truly tested the waterproofs and suncream – happy we made good purchases on this score.  Again, hill after hill after hill after hill, what goes down definitely goes up in abundance – at times it’s like rock climbing!!

Love is ….. carrying Dee’s rucksack when the going get’s tough ❤️

Took 6 hours to reach Lynmouth, only stopping for water and breath stops + the odd wine gum!!  A beautiful town but unfortunately it poured with rain for the entire time we were here.  Stayed in a friendly B&B – The Orchard House, again our hosts Yvonne and Jason so accommodating – very kindly offered to drive our rucksacks to tomorrow’s destination (a massive relief).  On Pete and Barbara’s recommendation we had dinner at The Rising Sun on the harbour – beautiful food – even though we were falling asleep over our plates!! So another early night.  I was feeling anxious about tomorrow’s walk as it says Challenging-Strenuous – decided to sleep on it. 

One thought on “Porlock Weir to Lynmouth – Friday 28th July 2017

  1. Sounds extremely tough! But scenery sounds stunning. As long as you’re appreciating it as you go it will be worth it. I know that area is very hilly. Remember my dad buying a new car the night before we went on holiday in Ilfracombe as he knew old one wouldn’t make it up Porlock hill. And if you got stuck there you held up all the holiday traffic!!!
    Really enjoying your blog and thinking of you both
    Love Tracey and Jeff xxx

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