Lynmouth – Combe Martin – Saturday 29th July 2017

Breakfast served by Cefin who entertained us with his music knowledge and friendly banter.  Over breakfast I finally decided that I would tackle today’s walk – face my fears.  And I was rewarded with the most stunning views of the journey so far, truly amazing – we walked much closer to the coastline today and although you had to watch your footing all the way – rocky paths and sheer drops to the side – the scenery was inspiring.  We came across pretty waterfalls, mountain goats (decided we’ve become mountain goats ourselves!!), cattle, sheep, an array of butterflies, birds and wild flowers – magnificent.  The weather was perfect, bright but not too hot – no rain.  

In fact I was telling myself that today was my favourite day so far. …. then I took a stumble at the foot of Hangman Cliffs, luckily not too much damage but it shook me up.  And then the climb up Great Hangman … even Steve was nervous and later said he kept thinking what would Tom and Alice think of him for bringing me there!?  He took my hand and guided and encouraged me up the steep incline and we made it to the top in one piece.  Rewarded ourselves with some lovely chocolate at what is the highest sea cliff in England – 1043 feet.  

It took the best part of 7 hours to complete today’s walk – even the last downhill part seemed to go on for ever.  Seriously question these Coastal Path mileage signs.  We checked into another fabulous airbnb – Cranleigh House – vegetarian help yourself breakfast, yoga sessions available, large comfy bedroom, fabulous host – Catherine.  Raining again so just crossed the road for dinner – Pack of Cards pub – stunning food – chose pasta for the carbs.  

Thanks to:  (1) Anne for the walking poles – helped me avoid a more serious accident today.   (2) Alli for the emergency ration chocolate.  (3) Caroline for introducing me to toe protectors. (4) Lynda for the clothes recommendations – they’ve proved to be perfect. (5) Sarah Jane Bird for the glucose sweets that Steve found in his shorts pocket! (6) Geraldine for the little heart that keeps me inspired. (7) All our family and friends for your support and encouragement). ❤️

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