We didn’t know where to look!

8th July 2022

Day 18

Once again we left the studio flat just after 9am to walk to Pwllheli Station – we’ve become quite the regulars on this 9.34am train! Our destination was Llandanwg – this time walking in the other direction to the seaside town of Barmouth – and we started off on a hill going down.

Leaving Llandanwg station

A lot cooler today and, I must say, easy flat paths. To start off with a bit of road walking, country lanes, around an airfield and into woodland. There was a lot of wild camping going on in the woods and nearby fields … we were fascinated with the equipment people have these days – three piece suites, toilet tents, major dining areas!

Paths were so kind to us today

And this led us onto Morfa Dyffryn Beach – absolutely glorious.

Every day we feel so blessed that we have these amazing views all around us … the sea, the sand dunes, mountain backdrops and miles and miles of green farmland – we are literally spoilt for choice. Today our viewing took on a little difference however. About a mile into the beach walking we couldn’t help but notice an elderly chap sunbathing with no clothes on – well except his hat! We couldn’t help but have ourselves a little giggle. But as we moved on it oh soooo gradually dawned on us that we were on a naturist beach. Mostly men I must say but a couple of ladies too … but all sitting alone and separated along a sizeable stretch of the beach, sheltered by the dunes. Mostly just sitting or lying but some wandering around in the sand dunes (including one man who looked like he was expecting twins!), some wandering down to the sea for a swim and some lying in odd positions to maximise the suntan!! Once the penny dropped, it was us that became self-conscious … of being highly overdressed … we tried to slip by inconspicuously!!

This path took us off the beach and inland – walking around an estuary. Again a very thoughtful path

As the day gets hotter, the sheep look for shade

We wondered if someone from the Coastal Path people had read the blog yesterday because today we were practically overwhelmed with signs – hardly had to refer to the app at all. And as well as it being a flat day it was a really easy path today – nothing overgrown, nasty or precarious. Just a couple of stone stiles that were designed for long limbed and dexterous people – that’s my only beef.

A much better designed stile – suitable for everyone

And from there a steady walk into Barmouth, finishing the 13 miles with road and then promenade walking. A good long walk today but so manageable – certainly one I’d recommend.

They do seem to love camping and caravans in Wales

Some spectacular houses tucked up into the hillside as you enter Barmouth

Desperately seeking shade!!

BARMOUTH … “Where the mountains meet the sea.”

An ice-cream reward before catching the train back to Pwllheli

Now, apparently this is going to be our last bit of coastal walking for a while. We’re heading further down the coast tomorrow to Tywyn for a ‘leisurely’ beach week – let’s see!?

Saturday 9th July 2022

Day 19

Before leaving town we volunteered at the Hafan Pwllheli Parkrun – it was all on sand – mad!!! So glad I was tail walker!

We’ve now arrived at our rented beach house for the week to be joined by Alice and Jon later today and my best chum Anne tomorrow. Anne has travelled all over the world but has never been to Wales. I think it might be a fun week … and the sun is shining big time. Must go, the sea is beckoning!

This is the view from our balcony for the next week – it’s relaxation time!!

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