From Abersoch to Criccieth over 2 days

3 July 2022

Day 13 (unlucky for some)!

Not us, we had a great day. Walking from Abersoch, through Llanbedrog to Pwllheli (getting so good with these Welsh place names)! Got the no. 18 bus to Abersoch – what a fabulous seaside village it is … very upmarket.

Leaving Abersoch

The coastal path took us onto the beach, lovely easy walking on sand although up ahead we could see a sizeable hill looming. It led steadily up at first, winding around the hill … until it turned into a nasty climb – some steps and some rocks to manoeuvre around …I was on all fours at points of the climb. At the summit it levelled out but continued to be a scrabble over a low rocky path. Great views as always.

Looking back over Abersoch

Eventually we came to the most stunning beach at Llanbedrog – the path leading us through a woodland area before having to descend the longest and steepest steps ever encountered. Kindly they had provided a hand rail otherwise it would have been impossible, because the steps were slippy with mud. As we inched our way down we met many people inching their way up – all of us taking every opportunity to stop and chat … and so catch our breath. Met a really lovely couple at the bottom too who are doing the same retirement project as us – we exchanged tales and tips!

The pretty beach at Llanbedrog

A stunning beach indeed – hope so much to return here later in the week. There’s an art gallery too which I hope to visit – but not if it involves going up those steps!!

And from thereon easy paths all the way back to Pwllheli and our beachside accommodation. When we reached the sand dunes part I was feeling the nerves in case we came face to face with those darn adders! Steve to the rescue – we took the alternative of walking along the beach – hard at times as shingle but much the better option. So, after 7 miles and no road walking we were back in time to do our laundry. Oh the life of travellers!

Reaching Pwllheli

4th July 2022

Day 14

Another great day on the Wales Coastal Path. 12 miles covered today but relatively easy walking. We walked from our airbnb accommodation which is just 10 metres from the official path and walked through the town of Pwllheli, along the promenade and onto the beach. Once again we chose to walk on the sand as opposed to the sand dune paths where all those slithery creatures apparently hang out! This involved about 3 and a half miles of beach walking which unfortunately changed from hard sand to shingle and then to pebbles – so our calves took a real battering. Still beats those adders however.

We passed a large Haven holiday camp which used to be the site of Butlins back in the day – Steve can remember holidaying with his family there when he was a boy.

This was followed by some easygoing grass clifftop paths – very quiet though – no-one around today. We’re not quite sure why but at one point the path took us to a main road which we had to walk along for two miles. Unfortunately this coincided with us getting hungry but a busy main road was not really conducive to a picnic. When we finally turned off down a country lane, we found the nearest thing to a bench, which happened to be a fallen tree, and devoured our sandwiches.

Luckily there was a fence between him and us!

Always exciting to see a train, for some reason!!

Re-energised, we walked the remaining miles, alongside the river till we got to the sea (you just can’t help saying “I see the sea”) and into the attractive town of Criccieth, with its charismatic castle perched on the hill and its prettily painted houses.

Criccieth – pretty town

So 12 more miles ticked off and a day full of fabulous views of Snowdonia – thinking of those out there climbing while we enjoyed low lying paths. What’s not to like!?

5th July 2022

Day 15 …. Day off (gasp!!)

Well, it’s raining + we had admin and phone calls to catch up on + 5th day of Test Cricket + Wimbledon (Cam Norrie in the quarter final) + needed to catch up on blog and ….hell, we just fancied a day off!!!!

Will be back to rambling on tomorrow.

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