We’re going on a red squirrel hunt … we’re not scared… !

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Day 8 – our last walk with David. (for now)!!

Anglesey is a stronghold for red squirrels – the UK’s only native species, so we’ve been desperately looking out for them while we’re here. Saturday’s parkrun announcement had suggested we look out for them but there were none to be found, hiding from the runners I guess. Today our coastal path route took us through Newborough Forest – a vast area of sand dunes planted mainly with impressively tall Corsican pines, so high hopes for finding the elusive red squirrels today.

We parked the car at Malltreath and waited in what was the coldest, wettest and definitely windiest weather so far this week for a bus to take us to Newborough. Whilst waiting at the bus stop we nearly talked ourselves out of starting – it was bitter! Steve got chatting to some LWC drey men delivering to the nearby pub – beer and football talk naturally … they mentioned that some of the roads were closed due to fallen trees. And we were about to walk 8 miles through a forest!

Bus journey completed, we headed into the forest.

These boots are made for walking

Although it rained most of the way and at certain unsheltered parts we were battered in strong winds, it was actually quite a pleasant walk – mostly flat. The beach runs alongside the forest and even when the trees obscure the coastal views the sounds of the waves ring through in the background.

Lots of interesting information boards as you walk round – this area had once been a large Medieval agricultural community but around 1330 a severe storm had left it buried beneath sand.

But, would you believe it not a red squirrel anywhere! In fact, no wildlife at all, not even birds – guessing it must have been too wet and wild today. We did see a fair amount of drowned rats though, including us (mad British summertime walkers)!! Oh, and a leech pond – medicinal apparently.

And the final mile took us out of the forest onto a tarmac path (snail strewn) back to Malltreath. By this time the rain had stopped, the wind was on our backs pushing us on and it was just a comfortable stroll to complete our 8 miles of coastal path today.

Managed to find a small pub for coffee and piping hot sausage rolls – just what the doctor ordered.

And now, we’re just back from the Adelphi pub – our local in Amlwch where had our final ‘pie’ meal. 100% recommend this pub, it’s so friendly and the pies are first class, especially the ‘Moo and Blue’ (Beef and Stilton).

David leaves us tomorrow morning and Steve and I head back into mainland Wales for some more walking. Our nine days as a threesome has been absolutely fabulous – we’ve talked (a lot), laughed (a lot), put the world to rights, walked (loads), played scrabble, cooked, ate and drank and laughed some more. We’ll miss you David – please come back and be an honorary Rambling Rose again soon.

We are the three Rambling Roses

And David would like to say:

Mae’r oedd y ola cerdded heddiw a dw i wedi mwynhau bob dydd, en enwedig y bryniau! Ynys Môn yw ble hyfryd. Mae Steve a Dee wedi bod cwmni dda iawn a dw i wedi cael amser bendegedig! Tan y tro nesa fy ffrindiau dda!

(It was the last walk today and I have enjoyed every day, especially the hills! Anglesey is a lovely place. Steve and Dee have been very good company and I have had a wonderful time! Until the next time my good friends!)

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