A walk of two halves

Sunday 15th May 2022

Having had 2 days off walking, today we were back on the coastal path – all fired up for whatever it was going to throw our way. That’s the funny thing – even though you can estimate the miles you can never predict the terrain, elevation or environment – so each day is a mystery! We did know that we were letting ourselves in for 13-14 miles, but there was no earlier option on the route, where we could access public transport for the way back. It’s all a big logistical affair you know.

We made our way by bus to the starting point in Lynemouth – the first mile was a bit industrial but beach views too. Then it was all rambling beach side for the first 6 miles of the walk, and although not forecast, it was warm and sunny. Oh the joys!

We stopped for a break in Newbiggen-by-the-Sea and munched into our beef and horseradish sandwiches as we soaked up the bay views. Seems like a lovely little holiday spot.

Then onwards along pleasant paths to Cambois Beach where we stopped again for ice-cream … we were really spoiling ourselves today!

Whether or not it was the ice-cream that changed our luck, but the weather took a bit of a dip on leaving Cambois … it didn’t rain but the warmth turned to grey and chilly. And the first couple of miles were OK sand dunes but after that the rest of the walk (apart from some short interludes of farm fields and estuary side woodland) it was miles and miles of roadside, industrial areas and not so glamorous housing estates. So, a wonderfully optimistic start turned into a ‘just wanted to get it over and done with’ second half!

It’s not always lovely lovely you see – some days we hate! Hate hills, hate stupidly long flights of steps, hate overgrown paths with stinging nettles, hate diversions that add miles onto the path, hate getting lost … hate walking … hate each other (lol !!!!! edit by Steve!) But the good always outweighs the bad … it must do or we’d be mad to keep doing it! (No comments please)!

Finally reached our destination in Blyth – 13 and a half miles – pooped!!

A little industrial to start
Interesting sculptures in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea
The magpie obviously attracted to the colour of the horse!

And now I’m home, showered, a little rested … enjoying a glass of wine whilst writing the blog, listening to Steve singing as he busies himself in the kitchen, cooking the Sunday Roast. Wafts of beef and sizzling roasties soothe my aching body … and all is SO well with the world.

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