A straightforward day of walking – hurrah!

Tuesday 15th February 2022

Today was SO straightforward – no prisons, no tracking down any prison escapees, no duck conventions. We even had a lift to the coastal path in Butterwick (where we left off yesterday) from our wonderful airbnb host, Gus, which saved us about 3 miles of walking and a bus trip. We didn’t fall over, we didn’t fall out … and we didn’t get lost, not even one bit!!

Day 3 of walking the Lincolnshire coastal path

And the coastal path from Butterwick to Friskney was unbelievably straightforward … literally straight forward… straight all the way. Luxuriously flat and straight sea defence wall walking was the order of the day – that embankment, again heavily molehill ridden, just kept on giving as far as the eye could see.

That’s a pretty straight path
Straight and molehill ridden path

WW2 Pill Boxes lined the path at regular intervals, historical anti invasion defences. Steve and I did our local community work, peeping into each one to see if there were any prison runaways lurking.

WW2 pill boxes

We didn’t actually see any other person on the whole 8 mile route. We saw plenty of birds – this area is such a twitcher’s paradise. Spectacular air displays of geese flocks … genuinely of Red Arrows quality.

It was SO peaceful. Lots of time to think and contemplate life. The first hour was incredibly wet, driving rain on our backs, but the last two hours it dried up and there was actual blue sky. The other bonus, and this may sound strange, but for the first time in 3 days of coastal path walking we actually got to see the sea! This part of the Lincolnshire coast line is such an expanse of mud flats that the path steers you away at a safe distance. So, blue sky plus sea views was quite something.

Today we were surrounded by farm land on both sides and we saw some marvellous examples of healthy vegetable crops – huge plots of cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale – looked spectacular but gave off that aroma of school dinner halls!

After 8 miles of coastal path straightforwardness, Steve judged the turn off to our accommodation perfectly – just a mile’s amble along a country lane and we were back in “The Hive’ … our gorgeous airbnb annexe. Top marks to my amazing man for his logistical planning – it was spot on!

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