From Guacamole to Duck ‘n Mole…ee!!!

So Saturday night we were tucking into Loaded Cheese Nachos with lashings of guacamole in Lincoln. And on Sunday we were on a coastal path from Boston that revealed a possibly secret life of Duck and Mole…ee!! (I know, I have too much time to think when I’m walking … but I shall reveal all later).

We were up in Lincolnshire so that Steve could watch Wycombe scrape a draw at Saturday’s game against Lincoln (the imps). We did a little sightseeing in the gorgeous city of Lincoln, climbing the steep cobbled hill to the castle and the cathedral and learnt a huge amount about the history and the imp! While Steve and Jeff braved the cold and windy match on Saturday, I met up with Tracey for a cultural visit to the Usher Art Gallery followed by charity shop bargain hunting (stocked up massively on books) and a stop for tea and waffles.

The city of Lincoln
Lincoln castle and Lincoln Cathedral

Sunday 13th February 2022

Up bright and early, full English breakfast before leaving our accommodation in Burton Water, Lincoln, to drive to the town of Boston. Straightforward drive – good roads – my… Lincolnshire is flat!!

Parked up in a centre of town car park as it turned out that there was extremely limited parking at the pub we had booked into for the night. Discovered there were no daytime buses running to Fosdyke Bridge, which was our planned starting point for today’s Coastal Path walking. Phoned for a taxi and negotiated a rate of £27.50 … tried to haggle the driver down en route but he was having none of it – then, Steve must have thrown him into confusion by giving him £30 and saying “keep the change!!” All going swimmingly so far.

But we found the coastal path straightaway – bonus.

Leaving Fosdyke Bridge … and they were SO right about the wind!!

Well I say coastal path, it was one of the ‘less interesting’ estuary and mud flat walks today but we’re up this way and to finish our project we have to complete all the pieces of the jigsaw. To cut a long story short, it was just less than 10 miles of very flat embankment walking. Miles of straight lines only getting interesting at the occasional left or right turn which brought with it a new level and direction of wind blasting … front on, knocking us sideways to the left, knocking us sideways to the right or pushing us on from behind.

There was more interesting farmland to the left of us, miles and miles and miles of it, as far as the eye could see. The only thing we saw growing though was one field of daffodils.

But to my duck story. We passed a farm field absolutely crammed with ducks … and very noisy ducks at that. It was like they had gathered from across the lands for a duck convention. My mind was working overtime and I imagined that ducks had flown from near and far to appoint a new Queen Duck or that maybe it was the start of a new revolution – the ‘Planet of the Ducks! It was honestly so bizarre, why would SO many gather like that in one unlikely spot.

And then my mole story! The majority of the 10 mile stretch of embankment was riddled with molehills – again a most extraordinary number. It’s a very remote path – we passed one group of walkers the whole day. So, there was my little storyteller’s mind imagining the hundreds of short-sighted creatures venturing out in quieter moments and at night to play.

And who knows, maybe the ducks and moles are planning a takeover … watch this space!

The path came to a bit of an abrupt end and we got diverted off into a bleak Industrial Estate – we had covered just short of 10 miles at this point. And now to find our way back to the car. This is often the point where we fall out due to google map reading!! Plus it had started raining heavier … and PLUS it took an around the houses 3 miles to locate the car. But, of all ironies, amidst this wet and miserable angst, we received an email asking us to confirm our availability for a 5 week house-sit in St. Lucia in August/September this year …. oooh, yes please!!

* lack of photos due to camera being on the wrong setting and they all came out dark, hence no evidence to verify duck & mole stories!

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