Enter the dragon … we’ve arrived in North Wales

Yesterday we made the four hour journey to North Wales and were greeted by these spectacular skies … it really felt like entering the mouth of the dragon! The drive was straightforward but as usual my passenger anxiety was bonkers – Steve calmly tolerates my gripping, squealing and jumping but it’s getting ridiculous – so wish I could find a cure (answers on a postcard please)!! We GPS’d our way to our Airbnb accommodation in Caernarfon and it all worked … managed to park outside, key safe worked, key worked and it was toastily welcoming inside. Hurrah!! We have ourselves a stylishly converted basement flat in a large elegant Victorian terrace property on a hill, for three nights.

After a quick turn around we headed into town for some sustenance. We found ourselves an establishment called ‘The Black Boy’ – a famous and recommended old pub in the town, thought to date back to 1522. There are a few suggestions for the name including King Charles II’s nickname, chimney sweeps, black bouy in the harbour … hopefully nothing racist. It turned into a jolly first night situation as Steve got stuck into some local real ale and we enjoyed some delicious food and red wine. It was fabulous to hear so many customers and staff speaking in the Welsh language and, as we mellowed in the warmth of the log burner, it really felt we were abroad on our holidays.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

We were up early birds this morning to set off on the first leg of this bout of coastal walking. We found the local bus stop and caught the bus to Dinas Dinlle (I know!!!!?) An interesting ride along the narrowest of country lanes – facing numerous stand offs and resentful reversing! Little did we know that later we would be walking along part of this road as well – lots of squeezing into hedges.

Said Dinas Dinlle was a little bleak – a pebbly beach frontage but not a shop, cafe or pub in sight … or person come to that!! Not helped by the fact that it was a foul weather day – low cloud, misty, driving fine rain, windy – you know those days. But we were layered up and ready for a stroll along the Weslsh coastline.

Luckily this was facing the other way … it’s the start of tomorrow’s walk.

The walk to Caernarfon started off with beachside paths but soon diverted inland due to military land and marshland. This meant a long stretch of sea defence walking with the driving rain on our backs, we were soaked. After this there was a mix of more sheltered country lanes and as I mentioned before some road walking … dodging the traffic.

The signage was pretty good on the whole but I have to say there was definitely at least two points where lack of signs could have caused havoc, had it not been for our trusty Ordnance Survey App. However, that provided the opportunity for us to have a good old grumble.

The last few miles saw us back beside the sea so we could enjoy those fabulous seaweed smells and the sound of waves lapping – always a happy place for me.

There’s always one!!!!

And so we strolled back into Caernarfon – the famous castle domineering in the distance – windlashed and dripping … but energised and pleased to tick off another 8 and a half miles of the UK coastline walking. Steve managed to slip the camera into fancy mode by mistake!

Dodged into a cafe for some lunch and warmth … or as they say in Welsh … “caffi.”

Feels great to be back blogging, it’s been a while. Loving Wales – haven’t seen any dragons yet but PLENTY of sheep.

Hwyl fawr. Yaki Da (or in correct Welsh “iechyd da.”

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