Back on track … in small steps

We haven’t been idle in the last few weeks, just waiting patiently to heal. Steve’s back to the Parkrun, building up his running strength. I’ve been venturing out sightseeing, hobbling a few miles each day to keep up some activity. We’ve joined the ‘Meerkat’ club and have been enjoying half price cinema and 2 for 1 meals. Even squeezed in a couple of beach days when the sun decided to shine. And lots of birdwatching.

This weekend, Tracey and Jeff came to stay and we managed to fit in a BBQ, Parkrun, Holkham Estate, Holkham Beach, Houghton Hall and grounds, dinner at our local pub – the Duck Inn (absolutely first class meal), some shopping in the beautiful Burnham Market shops and Old Hunstanton. Such a fun weekend, great company.

Steve, Jeff, Tracey and Dee – Houghton Hall Estate

Brancaster Staithe to Burnham Ovary Staithe

However, on Monday we decided to get back on that coastal path. We made the decision to cut the task down into smaller segments so that I could join in. So it was with plenty of meds, voltarol, knee support and walking poles (or cheat sticks as some like to call them) that we set off from Brancaster Staithe late morning.

The tide was in which made the walk a little more scenic – sometimes it can just be miles of mudflats with abandoned boats. The high tide in fact meant that we had to detour temporarily onto a path overgrown with all sorts of prickly things – lots of leg scratches. It was a little cloudy on starting out but the sun broke through soon enough.

On the initial stretch of path, we got a glimpse of how the other half live – houses designed to maximise the sea views, with long long stretches of garden dipping down to the coast. Many a perfect lawn for Steve to envy.

It was a pretty walk all in all with a large selection of butterflies criss-crossing our path, fabulous seabirds and wildflowers a-plenty. And as the sun began to shine it was so picturesque looking out at the boats on the blue water – summed up by a local walker who commented in true Norfolk tones … “bootiful voo!”

We pass numerous fields of cows along these paths but today we came alongside some rather interesting types, with very large horns …. we’re guessing Highland Cattle. Now, I don’t know much about their nature but I was mighty glad to find that there was a ditch and a fence between them and us.

And so the walk passed without incident and after just 4 miles we arrived in pretty Burnham Ovary with its fine windmill and fields of barley.

Burnham Ovary

It was fabulous to be back walking albeit with some discomfort. Obviously our pace is much slower but Steve has taken full charge of the photography which gives me a little time to get ahead. I feel I have an affinity with Andy Murray … longing to be pain-free … I feel your pain Andy!! 😘

Once we got to the harbour, I rested up on a bench while Steve ran the 4 miles back to get the car.

Burnham Ovary Staithe to Holkham

After an intermission day of World Cup Cricket (come on England!) and Wimbledon, we embarked on another stretch today – just 3 and a half miles this time. It was drizzling as we left the pretty harbour area but we didn’t let that put us off. And neither did it deter a handful of artists who were busily poised over their easels, capturing the pretty scenes.

The initial path was along a stretch of sea defence ridge with perfect views all around. Plenty of oyster catchers busying themselves in the shallows … got us thinking about their diets – do they only eat oysters!? And plenty of walkers on the path today which is not always the case. It is a very flat stretch however which is probably more appealing. I’m not sure my knee would be up to the South West Coastal stretches right now, although funnily enough the pain eases up when I’m walking uphill …. it’s the downhill and flat that kills.

About half way we climbed a steep sand dune and found ourselves on the wonderful stretch of beach leading up to Holkham. It has to be one of the country’s most striking of beaches, even world class. I love to stomp my way along the hundreds of scattered razor shells … comparable to the joys of popping bubble wrap!

Holkham Beach

Razor shells

The walk along the beach started off well as the sand was hard, but it turned to heavily ridged and then soft sand which wasn’t too great for those knees. So we found a detour into the woodland area alongside and it was a pretty and more comfortable way to finish off.

So by lunchtime we’d reached the cafe at Holkham. Steve quickly swapped his walking boots for his trainers and set off to run back the 3 and a half miles to fetch the car. I hung out with a coffee until my chauffeur returned!

❤️ coastal walking

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