Hey…where’s the bus stop?

Walking the Norfolk Coastal Path ~ Shepherd’s Port to Hunstanton

These days of walking present various planning challenges, with today’s challenge being how the heck did we co-ordinate our car being at either the start or the end of the run?  Not essential I know but if your picnic lunch is in the car then planning is definitely required….

The walk today in theory was just five miles and the normal plan is we drive the car to the end of the walk and then catch a bus back to the start and then walk to the car.  Only problem being that the Shepherd’s Port bus stop is nearly three miles away!


This is before we walk the five miles..do you get the idea?

With my foot being nearly better and Deirdre’s knee seeming okay for a short (in theory) walk we hatched a plan.  I would drop Deirdre at Shepherd’s Port and then take the car and park somewhere near the bus stop and then I’d walk back down to our startpoint.

This plan went reasonably well and we had a lovely walk through the sand dunes (I’d already walked the three miles!) and it turned out to be a wonderful sunny afternoon.  A mixed terrain of walking included the sand of course but also the pure delight of a couple of miles walking along the promenade as we arrive into Hunstanton. 

Whilst walking we’ve posted loads of beach and sea pictures but today some of the best pictures were the wonderful display of wild flowers that occupy all the hedgerows and open spaces in North Norfolk!

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