Goodness me … we found the sea!!

Monday 28th May 2018

So at the start of our second week of coastal path walking we finally came across the sea today! And wonderful it was too to hear the lapping waves, to smell and feel the sea breeze, to watch children enjoying their play on the sands and to be surrounded by hovering seagulls. It’s not that we haven’t enjoyed the Dee Estuary but we’re glad that it’s over. This is more like what we signed up for!!

Whilst many of the UK population were enjoying some Bank Holiday slumber, we were up and out early as we had to fit in 14 miles of walking – you don’t get holidays when you retire you know!!


Looking fresh at the beginning of today’s 14 mile walk

A few hills introduced today but nothing major (as yet) – some pretty decent paths, the obligatory stiles, patches of overgrown stingers (note to self: wear long trousers tomorrow!), fields of cows, welsh dragons and a rather large boat!


Didn’t expect to find this at the end of a country lane!


The Duke of Lancaster – a railway steamer passenger ship, beached near Mostyn Docks

Steve’s always on the lookout for a shortcut so persuaded me to shimmy up the side of a grass bank to cross a railway track – I did said shimmy but drew the line at the barbed wire fence to cross the track …. we took the longer way round – minutes later a Virgin train whizzed by at 125mph! 🤔


I don’t think these tunnels were designed for English giants like Steve!

Unfortunately there was a fair bit of road walking – not always the most exciting of views … but at least we got to practice our Welsh in reading the road signs.


Easy for you to say!!

Absolutely amazing weather once again – in fact the day just got hotter and hotter. By midday we had already clocked up nearly 10 miles so we stopped for our picnic lunch … and then a little further on a delicious malteser ice-cream – we’d put in the work and this was a justified reward.

As we neared Prestatyn we hit the sand dune walking, always a favourite (not) … but the Welsh people are much kinder than their English counterparts – they had provided wooden boarding to traverse large sections of the dunes (not all) – so much easier on our calves.


Steve’s purposeful stride over the dunes

So two sets of weary legs finally reached Prestatyn mid-afternoon. We rested up for a while in the sunshine before hopping on a bus back to base. A good day of walking today – the longest so far.

Tuesday 29th May 2018

Steve got up crazily early and fitted in a 13 mile run … a couple of nights ago after a few beers he signed himself for another marathon – 3 days after we get back! 🤔

Another ‘move on’ day today and also a ‘non-walking’ day. We had decided that before we got too much further into Wales we would head back for a look around Chester, so once the car was loaded up, back we drove across the border. Really pleased that we did, I now can see why people rave about this pretty historical city. We walked and talked, had coffee, then lunch, explored the city wall … even fitted in a boat cruise … and throughout it all the sun shone down. Stunning, lots of photo opportunities.

A beautiful scenic drive then to our new airbnb destination in Old Colwyn – absolutely splendid countryside views. Settled into a gorgeous house owned by a lovely young couple, Sioned and Daniel, and they speak Welsh – I love the sound of the Welsh language. And shortly we’re off to the pub … for dinner 😊

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